DNC, Say No to War

Score another victory for RootsAction.org and our allies.  49,763 of us signed the petition at StarsEarnStripes.org protesting NBC's war-is-fun "reality" show co-hosted by former general Wesley Clark.  Activists in New York have held a weekly protest and delivered the petitions.  The bad press has been voluminous, while the viewership has plummeted.  It's safe to say there's no immediate future for this show.

TV viewers may be spared Wesley Clark for a while as he's been dropped by both NBC and DNC.  Turned down in his offer to speak at the Democratic National Convention, Clark will speak at another event in Charlotte.

But even with the former NATO commander out of sight, the warfare state drags on.

Take this moment to ask the DNC to drop its support for war and war preparation.

If you're in New York, join the last and victorious demonstration against Stars Earn Stripes at 5 p.m. Monday, Sept. 3, on the north side of W. 49th St. between 5th and 6th Avenues.
If you're in Charlotte, join RootsAction Campaign Coordinator David Swanson on Tuesday morning, Sept. 4, at Progressive Central.