Truth or Military Consequences

Many laws require full disclosure of real risks -- before we take out a loan, or transfer a credit-card balance, or swallow a pharmaceutical drug.

But every year, millions of young people get no such protection -- when they’re deciding whether to join the U.S. military.

Let’s insist that potential recruits be told the whole story before they sign on the dotted line and put their lives at risk.

Proper disclosure would let potential recruits know that military service often brings moral regret, trauma, post traumatic stress, sexual assault, injuries to the brain and body, ruined personal relationships, a heightened risk of suicide, or death in combat.

Potential recruits would also be informed that a small section of the enlistment contract they sign gives the government the power to change their "status, pay, allowances, benefits, and responsibilities as a member of the Armed Forces regardless of the provisions of this enlistment/reenlistment document."  It's not a contract so much as a surrendering of rights.

Take a minute to be one of thousands of supporters now raising this issue with their senators and representative in Congress.