Tell Obama to Tell Karzai It's Over

Afghanistan's president should hear a clear message from the president of the United States:
We don't want to do any more killing in your country.
President Obama should also tell President Karzai:
We won't do anything else to help continue the killing in your country.

The president is reportedly considering leaving no troops in Afghanistan after the "withdrawal" planned for the end of 2014.  A real withdrawal, of course, would leave no troops or mercenaries behind; this scenario is significant progress. It is not enough.
It's not enough to say, "We're bringing our troops and contractors home in two years." The U.S. president should tell the Afghan president:
We're bringing them all home now.
We won't drop any more bombs on your country.
We won't send any more drones over your country.
We won't send you any more weapons to kill people in your country.

After more than a decade of the U.S. war effort in Afghanistan, and after more than three decades of continuous war in that nation, the last thing Afghans need is more war machinery. But the U.S. shouldn't just walk away.

An 18-month-old girl just froze to death in a refugee camp in Kabul and was buried beside her brother, who froze to death two weeks earlier.

Obama should tell Karzai:
We will send huge quantities of food and blankets to your country.
We will supply vast amounts of needed medicines.
We will stay out of Afghanistan while supporting genuine diplomatic efforts for peace by the countries in the region.