No to Kerry

President Obama's nomination of John Kerry for secretary of state sends the wrong signal to U.S. allies and adversaries alike.

Kerry's record includes spurious attacks on the International Court of Justice, unqualified defense of Israeli occupation policies and human rights violations, and support for the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq.

In 2002, Kerry voted against an unsuccessful resolution authorizing the president to use force against Iraq only if the United Nations Security Council permitted such force under the UN Charter.  Kerry instead voted to authorize President Bush to invade unilaterally in violation of the UN Charter, and cosponsored a resolution praising him when he did.

Most Congressional Democrats voted No, including Senator Robert Byrd, who introduced a resolution in the fall of 2002 upholding Congress' Constitutional war powers.  Kerry voted against it, saying “Every nation has the right to act preemptively if it faces an imminent and grave threat.”

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-- Stephen Zunes