Thank Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning has pleaded guilty to actions that fulfilled his moral obligations, and for which he has our gratitude.

We're going to thank him, and you can add your name to the card below.

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23520 12 months ago Christine Whitewood Healesvilke, ot , AU
23519 12 months ago Anonymous Berkeley, CA , US Thank you Chelsea! You are a great woman!
23518 2.3 years ago Marge Schwartz S.B., CA , US
23517 2.6 years ago Jamil Shoot Mountlake Terrace, WA , US Thank you for being brave enough to do what is right while surrounded by a sea of cowards!
23516 3.4 years ago Lucas Brown GAYLORD, MI , US
23515 3.5 years ago Damien McLeod Key Largo, FL , US
23514 3.6 years ago Rebecca Farmer Berkeley, CA , US
23513 3.7 years ago Dylan Griffee MO , US Thank you for your sacrifice, you are a hero and an inspiration.
23512 3.9 years ago Sven Reinicke Berlin, ot , DE Thank you.
23511 4 years ago Anonymous Fort Worth , TX , US
23510 4.1 years ago Anonymous Ft. Collins, CO , US Your morals should take precedence over your situations.
23509 4.2 years ago evelyn veight stamford, CT , US
23508 4.2 years ago Alexandria Schroeder Three Oaks, MI , US
23507 4.4 years ago angela alvarez los angeles, CA , US
23506 4.4 years ago Marjorie Steakley Dallas, TX , US
23505 4.4 years ago Georgina Galanis London, NY , CA Remember Nelson Mandela -- fill your hear with light that darkness be pierced ..
23504 4.5 years ago Anonymous CT , US Thank you for helping the American people.
23503 4.5 years ago Pamela Lau San Jose, CA , US
23502 4.5 years ago Desta Waldu Boston, MA , US
23501 4.5 years ago Matthew Ransom Fayetteville, AR , US
23500 4.5 years ago Matthew Ransom Fayetteville, AR , US
23499 4.6 years ago Ingrid Erickson Bellingham, WA , US
23498 4.6 years ago Jill Rowe Edmonton, AB , CA • A man among robots. If humanity were to get a vote on Manning's sentence he would walk free today. We recognize hero's. morality and self sacrifice of the highest order.
Thank you Bradley for...
23497 4.6 years ago Sebastian Job AU Your courage, my friend, is your light. Is our light.
23496 4.6 years ago Barbara Riley Columbus, OH , US I admire your courage!
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