Don't Koch the L.A. Times!

After years of mismanagement, the Tribune Company newspapers -- including the Chicago Tribune and L.A. Times -- are up for sale.

And one of the potential buyers? The Koch brothers.
New York Times: Koch Brothers Turning Focus to Newspapers
Chicago Tribune: Protesters Urge Tribune Co. Not to Sell
Free Press: Tribune Joins Rush to Consolidate with TV Deal

Yes, those Koch brothers: the billionaire businessmen who run Koch Industries, a sprawling multinational corporation involved in everything from oil to fertilizer to paper towels to bankrolling right-wing political causes.

Join RootsAction in sending this message to the Tribune Company:

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68138 4.5 years ago Jackie McNeely-Estes Greensboro, NC , US
68137 4.6 years ago Elizabeth Smith Portland, ME , US Journalism is supposed to be impartial, not politically slanted. From all I've witnessed in the past few years, you brothers are far from that.
68136 4.6 years ago Michaelj Seamans Bakersfield, CA , US I do not read main stream news anymore. I learned early on in my life how inaccurate and polarized these services can be and will be if left to the control of economic interests. I am interested onl...
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