No to Silencing Prisoners' Speech

Pennsylvania is setting a dangerous precedent that we all need to speak out against and put a quick stop to.

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We stand against the passage, in Pennsylvania, of the so-called "Revictimization Relief Act," which affords virtually unlimited discretion to District Attorneys and the state Attorney General to silence prisoner speech, by claiming that such speech causes victims' families "mental anguish." Politicians are claiming a power that if granted to them will be difficult if not impossible for citizens to check.

In seeking to silence the legally protected speech of prisoners, the state also damages citizens' right and freedom to know -- in this case, to better understand an area of U.S. life physically removed from public scrutiny.

This legislation emerged following the failure of the Fraternal Order of Police and its allies to stop prisoner and radio journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal from delivering an October 5, 2014, commencement address. This bill sacrifices the rights of all prisoners in Pennsylvania in order to silence Abu-Jamal -- an unethical deployment of collective punishment by those in power.

Victim relief is not served by denying fundamental rights to those convicted, especially because prisoner freedom of speech is crucial for redressing wrongful convictions and the current crisis of harsh sentencing that is often disproportionate to alleged crimes. Our society is currently engaged in a full-scale debate on the problems of mass incarceration that could not have developed without prisoners' voices.

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14540 3.9 years ago Léopold Cassand Paris, ot , GB
14539 3.9 years ago Françoise Bogaert Lecques, ot , FR
14538 3.9 years ago cabaret danielle montpellier, ot , FR
14537 3.9 years ago Anonymous VALENTON, ot , FX
14536 3.9 years ago CHANTAL MOUTON-GRACY 34390 - VIEUSSAN, ot , GB
14535 3.9 years ago CHANTAL MOUTON-GRACY 34390 - VIEUSSAN, ot , GB
14534 3.9 years ago Anonymous ot , GB
14533 3.9 years ago Kwadro Saada Kwame GEBRE-MEDHIN FOYAL, ot , MQ JUSTICE & FREEDOM FOR Mumia Abu-Jamal !!!
14532 3.9 years ago Daniel Ladurelle Varces, ot , GB the law does not violate any human rights or democracy.
I demand free speech for Mumia and his release.
14531 3.9 years ago Dominique Lemoine Nantes, ot , FR
14530 3.9 years ago Kammarti Saloua ot , FX
14529 3.9 years ago garrido nathalie Lyon, ot , GB
14528 3.9 years ago Rose-marie CIPPE MATOURY, YT , GF Libérer Munia ...............
14527 3.9 years ago Anonymous ot , FX
14526 3.9 years ago Djennaoui Régine rosporden, ot , FR All the power to the people !
14525 3.9 years ago Michel ODORICO ot , FR
14524 3.9 years ago le penven lydie blagnac, ot , GB
14523 3.9 years ago Anonymous ot , GB
14522 3.9 years ago Anonymous ot , FX
14521 3.9 years ago Anonymous ANNONAY, ot , GB
14520 3.9 years ago Hélène Chicote LE PORT, ot , RE
14519 3.9 years ago Zurita Martha Neuchâtel, ot , CH
14518 3.9 years ago jacqueline vidallet lapeyrouse fossat, ot , FX
14517 3.9 years ago Regine Samson CORZE, ot , FX
14516 3.9 years ago Maï Bernasconi ot , GB
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