Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Called "America's Serengeti" for its tremendous biodiversity, the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most pristine, vibrant, and untouched ecosystems in America. Unfortunately, this unparalleled 1.5-million-acre habitat has never received Wilderness protection, leaving it vulnerable to harmful oil and gas development. Please join RootsAction and the National Audubon Society in asking President Obama to recommend a Wilderness designation for the coastal plain to help protect this extraordinary place once and for all by signing below:

Dear President Obama:

On this 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, I urge your Administration to recommend that the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge be designated as Wilderness, and to pass that recommendation on to Congress, in order to help safeguard this unparalleled landscape on behalf of birds, other wildlife, and all Americans.

The Arctic Refuge is a unique, intact ecosystem that supports an extraordinary diversity of wildlife. In the spring and summer, birds from all fifty states and six continents converge here to nest and forage. On the coastal plain--the heart of the Refuge--birds such as the American Golden-Plover and Tundra Swan return year after year to raise their chicks. One of the world's largest caribou herds travels 1,500 miles to give birth on these grounds, which are considered sacred by the native Gwich'in people. Polar bears, musk oxen, and wolves roam the tundra, and over 40 species of fish swim in its pristine lakes and rivers.

The continual prospect of oil and gas drilling threatens to cause irreversible damage to the Refuge. Drilling would create a spider web of infrastructure that will eliminate and degrade habitat, lead to harmful cumulative impacts on birds and other wildlife, expand predation on birds, create a significant risk of a devastating oil spill, and contribute to climate change, which will only further harm the fragile tundra.

The Arctic Refuge is a truly special place. I urge you to recommend a Wilderness designation for the coastal plain in order to help end these perpetual threats and to allow the Refuge to continue to be an irreplaceable sanctuary for wildlife.

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    5357 4 years ago Tammi Hvozda crofton, MD
    5356 4 years ago Rachel Berchtold Pocatello, ID
    5355 4 years ago Richard & Ethel Phillips Lakewood, CO Areas such as the artic refuge are essential to the life and health of our home-our planet. Please do all that you can while you have the power of the office of the presidency to protect this place.
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