No Bushes or Clintons in 2016

U.S. tradition opposes hereditary family rule. Yet seven presidential elections in a row (1980-2004) featured a Bush and/or a Clinton on a major party presidential ticket. And it may happen again. The Bushes and Clintons have presided over national decline — including the corporatization and militarization of our society, environmental destruction, middle-class decline, persistent poverty, eroding civil liberties, a racially-biased "drug war," corporate trade pacts, and ever-rising college costs. It’s time to break free of corporatist policies.


In the course of decades of national political decline presided over largely by two ruling families, it becomes necessary to declare our independence and seek new leadership and new direction. I therefore join with others in adding my name to this document – pledging to reject future domination of government by the Bushes and Clintons and by Bush/Clinton-like policies.

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15506 3.7 years ago Patricia Loftman New York, NY
15505 3.7 years ago Anonymous Petersburg, VA
15504 3.7 years ago Allen Rheinhart Las Vegas, NV
15503 3.7 years ago Jesse Armstrong Buffalo, NY
15502 3.7 years ago Jesse Armstrong Buffalo, NY
15501 3.7 years ago Anonymous Seattle, WA
15500 3.7 years ago Anonymous Houston, TX
15499 3.7 years ago Simba Ryan Columbus, OH
15498 3.7 years ago Sharon Cook Jacksonville, AR
15497 3.7 years ago Anonymous Las Vegas, NV I'm sick to death of rotating dictators in this American Fascism. That's right, everything for the big corporations that are fast becoming monopolies. This country needs a new political party and no...
15496 3.7 years ago Kevin Dann Brooklyn, NY What does it say about America that Jeb & Hilary's roots run through the greatest crimes of the late 20th century, from the JFK assassination to Iran-Contra, BCCI, and of course, 9/11?
15495 3.7 years ago Jason Boehm Stanhope , NJ
15494 3.7 years ago Heather Files Stratford, CT
15493 3.7 years ago Whitney Senat LOCUST GROVE, GA
15492 3.7 years ago Monica Schatz Mckinney, TX
15491 3.7 years ago jon harrell Weston, FL
15490 3.7 years ago Michelle Davis Santa Cruz, CA Go Bernie!
15489 3.7 years ago Carole Broderick Burton, OH I pledge against any more Obamas also, since Moochelle is rumored to want to run for Senat and then Presidency.
15488 3.7 years ago EDGARDO DIAZ HARRISBURG, PA
15487 3.7 years ago Anonymous North Hollywood, NC
15486 3.7 years ago Isabela Yarbrough Brooklyn, NY
15485 3.7 years ago F No AZ
15484 3.7 years ago Katherine Peace Portland, OR We should have approval voting to avoid the prisoner's dilemma fear people have of shunning the two parties and making ineffectual votes for who they really want.
15483 3.7 years ago curt clay Coos Bay, OR Good grief - are the American people so dumbed down that they would vote
for the 'endless war dynasty' AGAIN? Please listen to Bernie Sanders!
15482 3.7 years ago Gerry Milliken Cottonwood, AZ It's we the people, not we the corporate dynasties!
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