No Bushes or Clintons in 2016

U.S. tradition opposes hereditary family rule. Yet seven presidential elections in a row (1980-2004) featured a Bush and/or a Clinton on a major party presidential ticket. And it may happen again. The Bushes and Clintons have presided over national decline — including the corporatization and militarization of our society, environmental destruction, middle-class decline, persistent poverty, eroding civil liberties, a racially-biased "drug war," corporate trade pacts, and ever-rising college costs. It’s time to break free of corporatist policies.


In the course of decades of national political decline presided over largely by two ruling families, it becomes necessary to declare our independence and seek new leadership and new direction. I therefore join with others in adding my name to this document – pledging to reject future domination of government by the Bushes and Clintons and by Bush/Clinton-like policies.

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15481 3.6 years ago Colette Mounts Chico, CA A mother stated " Can only A Bush or a Clinton run this country ?" We appear to me to have become a dictatorship..Mrs.Bush was so correct..yet like any good mom, she apologized for her
15480 3.6 years ago Tisha Le Rose Albuquerque, NM The same old same old will continue our path towards an oligarchy or plutocracy. Go Bernie!
15479 3.6 years ago Edward Crouch Seattle, WA
15478 3.6 years ago William Doyle Fresno, CA
15477 3.6 years ago Christie Hakim San Francisco, CA
15476 3.6 years ago Garrett Larson Denver, CO
15475 3.6 years ago Paul Parker Seattle , WA
15474 3.6 years ago Bettyann Reed Bolivar, MO
15473 3.6 years ago Deb Carr Apex, NC
15472 3.6 years ago Beverly Swift COLORADO SPRINGS, CO Let's stop them!
15471 3.6 years ago Anonymous South Burlington, VT
15470 3.6 years ago Anonymous Greenwood, CA
15469 3.6 years ago Gerald Thompson Granite City, IL
15468 3.6 years ago Anna Yeisley Fredericksburg, VA Cut the charade. We have pretend politics made up of liars and actors, thanks to the traitors and tyrants that dominate the Republican and Democrat Political Parties. Voting Democrat or Republican...
15467 3.6 years ago Seth Quinto Sarasota, FL
15466 3.6 years ago Paul Cameron Carrollton, TX
15465 3.6 years ago Rafael Zambrana Houston, TX The reason we got away from MONARCHY is precisely to avoid falling into this blood-linked power sharing by just a few families.

WE NEED FRESH BLOOD to start a new direction. Elizabeth Wa...
15464 3.6 years ago Aaron Green Portland, OR
15463 3.6 years ago ken gunther Jupiter, FL
15462 3.6 years ago erik stewart Paramount , CA Go Jill Stein
15461 3.6 years ago James McCarthy Whitestone, NY Bernie Sanders for Democrats. Kasich for Republicans in my opinion
15460 3.6 years ago Anonymous Ventura , CA
15459 3.6 years ago Travis McLaughlin Clever, MO
15458 3.6 years ago Harold Barden Ithaca, NY
15457 3.6 years ago T MILLER Coral Gables, FL
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