No Bushes or Clintons in 2016

U.S. tradition opposes hereditary family rule. Yet seven presidential elections in a row (1980-2004) featured a Bush and/or a Clinton on a major party presidential ticket. And it may happen again. The Bushes and Clintons have presided over national decline — including the corporatization and militarization of our society, environmental destruction, middle-class decline, persistent poverty, eroding civil liberties, a racially-biased "drug war," corporate trade pacts, and ever-rising college costs. It’s time to break free of corporatist policies.


In the course of decades of national political decline presided over largely by two ruling families, it becomes necessary to declare our independence and seek new leadership and new direction. I therefore join with others in adding my name to this document – pledging to reject future domination of government by the Bushes and Clintons and by Bush/Clinton-like policies.

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15406 3.3 years ago Anonymous Newcumberland, PA All they want is power. They cared little for the will of the people, plus they appear to be Evil.
15405 3.3 years ago Jeanne Mckimpson Rochester, MN
15404 3.3 years ago Yonnie Butler OH
15403 3.3 years ago Gail Pagan Southgate, MI
15402 3.3 years ago Simon Hempel Berlin, ot
15401 3.3 years ago Danny Dyche Hillsboro, OR With what is now known, a government cannot be legitimate without banning fossil fuels. Abolishing the military is a moral obligation. Requiring people to afford housing, healthcare, food, or educat...
15400 3.3 years ago hali panneton OLYMPIA, WA and no bushes or clintons in 2020, etc. ad infinitum, ad nauseam.....
15399 3.3 years ago Anonymous Austell, GA
15398 3.3 years ago sherry mainquist NORFOLK, NE
15397 3.3 years ago Marianna Maver Holland, MI
15396 3.3 years ago Anonymous Pasadena, TX
15395 3.3 years ago Eric Banks Ukiah, CA
15394 3.3 years ago joseph prebeg Madison, WI We want government that is for something other than corporations and the 1%
15393 3.3 years ago Coleen Rowley Apple Valley, MN
15392 3.3 years ago Elaine Liberty O'brien, OR
15391 3.3 years ago Benedict Archer Vallejo, CA Voting for either would be painful. Don't have a political home.
15390 3.3 years ago JOSEPH WHALTON BRANDON, FL
15389 3.3 years ago Hanifa Segal Dayton, OH
15388 3.3 years ago Charles SanClementi Hawley , PA
15387 3.3 years ago Joyce Lahna Hastings, FL
15386 3.3 years ago Katherine Thimnakis Buckingham, VA I will no longer support the CORPORATE ELITE (aka, Democrats)
my primary vote goes to Bernie SANDERS and if not the candidate>
my election vote goes to Dr.Jill Stein = Green Pa...
15385 3.3 years ago Theresa Shamanka-Holstrom ?Las Vegas 89139, NV Regarding the TPP :

If the Democratic Party lets this devastating trade deal go through after all that they know about it and after knowing the fact that most Americans are not for it . . ....
15384 3.3 years ago Frank Pinto Davis, CA
15383 3.3 years ago Elliot Koontz Seattle, WA
15382 3.3 years ago Samar Atallah Northville, MI We need a real leader
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