No New Authorization for the Use of Military Force

The U.S. Congress is considering another "Authorization for the Use of Military Force" -- a broad approval for more war.

This is the last thing we need. These wars are not making us safer but generating enemies. They are not surgical operations, but mass killings, as well as assaults on the natural environment and the public budget -- not to mention excuses for curtailing civil liberties.

Please sign this statement for delivery to the media and Congress:

We oppose any new authorization for the use of military force and call for the immediate repeal of the authorizations passed by Congress in 2001 and 2002.

By taking action you agree that you may be contacted by one or more of the participating organizations. This petition is a joint project of: Conference of Major Superiors of Men, Iraq Veterans Against the War,, Military Families Speak Out, Peace Action, Peace Action Montgomery,, United National Antiwar Coalition, Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones, U.S. Labor Against the War, World Beyond War.

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22022 3.7 years ago Margaret S. Maurin Bryn Mawr, PA , US
22021 3.7 years ago Elizabeth Shanklin Bronx, NY , US
22020 3.7 years ago kaitlin fitch Troy, NY , US
22019 3.7 years ago Dimitris Tsitakis Trilofos, Thessaloniki, ot , GR
22018 3.7 years ago Gerard Dion Taylorsville, UT , US
22017 3.7 years ago Sue Jackson Sydney, ot , AU
22016 3.7 years ago alfredo ciano Naples, ot , IT Give Peace a Chenge...
22015 3.7 years ago Ariel Paz Salt Lake City, UT , US Stop supporting/arming the feudal gulf sheikdoms that, with active help from your government, are bombing Yemen back to the Stone Age. US, Israeli and Saudi-led coalition hands -off Yemen!
22014 3.7 years ago Cassandra Lyons Lexington, KY , US
22013 3.7 years ago Gary Christensen Springerville, AZ , US The US is NOT defending the US. Our military is/has been misused for has become the tool of the Wall St banksters, the warmongers, and the International Corporatists. Our military is ...
22012 3.7 years ago Sam Miller Phoenixville, PA , US
22011 3.7 years ago sabatino pappalardi new rochelle ny, NY , US The natural state of the human race and the planet is peace not war.
22010 3.7 years ago Pernell Banks Grosse Pointe Park , MI , US
22009 3.7 years ago Virgil Moore Prairie Village, KS , US
22008 3.7 years ago Barbara Harris New York, NY , US
22007 3.7 years ago Edward Syrett Menlo Park, CA , US We face so many threats in the world today with climate change and a fast growing population world wide that we need to address now. Any new wars would take or attention away from these big problem...
22006 3.7 years ago NK Acevedo Boston, MA , US
22005 3.7 years ago Madeline Shapiro Whittier , CA , US
22004 3.7 years ago Timothy Lippert Martinez, CA , US
22003 3.7 years ago nancy walker encinitas, CA , US
22002 3.7 years ago Henry Sutter NY , US
22001 3.7 years ago Joy Mitra State College, PA , US "You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war." Albert Einstein.
22000 3.7 years ago Gilles Robichaud moncton, NB , CA
21999 3.7 years ago Joanie Hieger Fritz Zosike New York, NY , US No war. Not now. Not ever!
No new authorization for use of military force.
Diplomacy has not been tried enough.
There is not enough evidence to merit U.S. intervention.
We have to ba...
21998 3.7 years ago Wyatt Hale Brookville, PA , US
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