Let U.S. Patients Have Life-Saving Medicines from Cuba

With the easing of U.S.-Cuba relations, the U.S. government now allows visitors to Cuba to bring back $400 worth of goods, including $100 worth of rum and cigars. They are not allowed to bring back medicines that could save lives.

As part of its new opening toward Cuba, the U.S. State Department has proposed a list of goods Cubans in the private sector can export to the U.S. The list does not include medicines because medicines are developed by a Cuban government research center.

1. Connecticut Post: Better Relations with Cuba Might Help American Diabetics
2. Miami Herald: Rep. Garcia's Push for Cuban Drug Trial Tests Support for Embargo

Every 7 minutes in the United States someone loses a limb to diabetes. A medical treatment exists in Cuba.[1]

Numerous other life-improving and life-saving Cuban medicines are denied to U.S. patients.

Congress members and government officials in both big political parties are beginning to oppose this policy.[2]

The regulation that needs to be changed is made by the Treasury Department.

Please sign this petition to the Treasury Department and White House:

Please allow Cuban medicines to be tested in the United States and, if approved, imported into the United States. Patients should not have to lose limbs or lives over an antiquated ideological struggle.

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20806 3.3 years ago Jo Anne Hall San Rafael, CA I suspect that the main objection against allowing Cuban medicines into the U.S. is more about the political & financial objections of the American drug industry rather than concerns about Cuban pol...
20805 3.3 years ago Richard Wojtowicz Bozeman, MT It's time for US politicians to grow up.
20804 3.3 years ago Dana Stickney Mattapoisett, MA Blocking access to these life saving medicines due to (sketchy at best)
American "principles" is RIDICULOUS!!! It's 50 years past the time we should have dropped the embargo against Cub...
20803 3.3 years ago William Edward Brown Nashville, TN I'm sorry, but we've wasted enough years cojoling Miami's anti-Castro extreme right who are a bunch of grandfather idiots who can't accept that 50 years of their stupid embargo has served for nothin...
20802 3.3 years ago Charlotte King Clayton, CA
20801 3.3 years ago Lauren Tozzi Seattle, WA
20800 3.3 years ago JIM HEAD OAK PARK, MI
20799 3.3 years ago Margaret Dyson-Cobb Lexington, VA
20798 3.3 years ago Timothy Bell Carrollton, TX
20797 3.3 years ago Sarah Fichter Washington, DC
20796 3.3 years ago Sam You San Antonio, TX
20795 3.3 years ago Rajni Patel Irving, TX
20794 3.3 years ago Mary Coady Centreville, MD
20793 3.3 years ago peter leeftink zwolle, ot
20792 3.3 years ago matthew holland Irvine, CA
20791 3.3 years ago Rayleen Wagner Modesto, CA
20790 3.3 years ago Lakshmi Hackett Centennial, CO
20789 3.3 years ago Anonymous SAN FRANCISCO, CA
20788 3.3 years ago L Glasner NY, NY
20787 3.3 years ago betty butler niwot, CO
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