Teaching Does NOT Go Better with Coke

As strong supporters of teachers and teachers' unions, we are distressed that the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is partnering with Coca-Cola.

Four months ago, AFT members caused their union to begin a boycott of Coca-Cola over its reliance on child labor. But now the union leadership has caved.

Institute for Public Accuracy: AFT Teams with Coke
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AFT: AFT and Coke Pledge to Work Together Against Child Labor
CNN: Life Not Sweet for Philippines' Sugar Cane Child Workers
Corporate Crime Reporter: AFT Ends Four Month Old Coca-Cola Boycott

With terms of the agreement undisclosed, AFT ended the boycott -- and has begun a partnership to do things like "advocating for increased educational opportunities for children."

"The most effective way for Coca-Cola to help end illegal child labor in places like the Philippines and El Salvador," said Ray Rogers,
director of Corporate Campaign Inc., "is not through pointless additional studies, audits and meaningless rhetoric, but to pay sugar processors enough money to pay fair wages to sugar cane harvesters."

The Coca-Cola company is also responsible in part for the epidemics of obesity and type-2 diabetes that afflict children in the United States and elsewhere

To the American Federation of Teachers:

Stop undermining teachers' moral authority and children's health. End your partnership with Coca-Cola

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15051 3.4 years ago Steven Bernhaut Maplewood, NJ
15050 3.4 years ago Carol Gay Brick, NJ This is such an easy thing to do. Do the right thing and do it now.
15049 3.4 years ago Anonymous Burien , WA
15048 3.4 years ago Ann Mallozzi Apalachin, NY
15047 3.4 years ago Barry Trachtenberg Albany, NY
15046 3.4 years ago Anonymous NY
15045 3.4 years ago Pam Wortley Sunderland , ot
15044 3.4 years ago stephen armstrong brooklyn, NY
15043 3.4 years ago Diane Drange CA
15042 3.4 years ago Jacqueline Cataldo Brooklyn, NY
15041 3.4 years ago James Roper Appling, GA
15040 3.4 years ago John Lawrence Montclair, NJ
15039 3.4 years ago Demian Godon WA
15038 3.4 years ago Juan Barreneche NY
15037 3.4 years ago Kathryn Donahue Blue Lake, CA Children do not need sugar added to their diets. Stop increasing childhood obesity, which sets a life long pattern of poor nutrition, and ill health....not to mention the immoral activities done by...
15036 3.4 years ago John and Stephanie Funiciello Sharon Springs, NY
15035 3.4 years ago David Wardrop Glasgow, ot In the interest of children's health.
15034 3.4 years ago Charles Dineen Lawton, MI
15033 3.4 years ago Thomas Lacey San Francisco, CA From murdering labor leaders in Columbia to exploiting child labor in the Philippines, to the epidemic of type-2 diabetes, things don't go better with Coke!
15032 3.4 years ago Michael Astrella Buffalo, NY
15031 3.4 years ago Barby Ulmer Saratoga, CA As an AFT member it's horrifying to be associated with coke for health and labor reasons.
15030 3.4 years ago Robert Osborn WA
15029 3.4 years ago Karen Platt Albany, CA
15028 3.4 years ago Patrick Bonner South Gate, CA Given the negative role of Coca-Cola not only in the U.S. but internationally, I find this relationship incomprehensible and disgusting.
15027 3.4 years ago Wayne Geer Vancouver , BC I've always considered coca cola to be a disgusting corporation, what with their own paramilitary to intimidate and murder those who try to start a union in India etc
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