Don't "develop" the Grand Canyon

One of the most deservedly celebrated natural wonders in North America is also among the most endangered. Plans for uranium mining, a tourist tram line, and massive "development" threaten the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. Background:
CommonDreams: Grand Canyon in the Crosshairs?
National Geographic: Grand Canyon Development Plans

A mining company, Energy Fuels Resources, is seeking to reopen a uranium mine; a proposed tramway would take tourists from new commercial sites to the canyon’s floor, and the nearby town of Tusayan, Ariz., is proposing 2,000 homes, 3 million square feet of commercial space, a spa, and a dude ranch.

To the U.S. Forest Service:

We urge you to reject Tusayan's application for a special use permit and to put a halt to any more "development" at the Grand Canyon.

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57485 2.9 years ago Sissil Towler
57484 2.9 years ago Amy Riley
57483 2.9 years ago Heidi Mitchell Please allow the Grand Canyon to remain beautiful and unspoiled and reject Tusayan's application. It is important to leave a few special places alone, so that they continue to bless and inspire our ...
57482 2.9 years ago Johnny Wong
57481 2.9 years ago Leah Hunter
57480 2.9 years ago Anonymous
57479 2.9 years ago Greg Metcalf I have had the privilege of hiking in the Grand Canyon for over 6 decades and am horrified that my grandchildren will not be given the same opportunity of being at the Grand Canyon without all of th...
57478 2.9 years ago Barry Grimecy1
57477 2.9 years ago Jennifer Colburn
57476 2.9 years ago John Fary
57475 2.9 years ago angela eckert Why is it that there has to development going on every where? Leave the Grand Canyon alone!!!!!
57474 2.9 years ago Paula Asinofsky
57473 2.9 years ago Kyle Triola
57472 2.9 years ago sandra merritt
57471 2.9 years ago Sunita Chethik
57470 2.9 years ago Betty Mayer
57469 2.9 years ago Pamela Myers Cannot believe that the Grand Canyon of all the NATURAL wonders of the World is under attack!
57468 2.9 years ago Chandra Holsten Minig the Garnd Canyon, installing a tramway? Criminal!
57467 2.9 years ago Carol Dib
57466 2.9 years ago Christine Humphreys
57465 2.9 years ago Linda Balcom
57464 2.9 years ago Susan Campanini
57463 2.9 years ago Jen Danner
57462 2.9 years ago Ditoh Rohrig Time to stop it all,now.
57461 2.9 years ago Susan Mueller
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