Bring down the killer flag... of poverty

One way to address the legacy of slavery and racism that creates racial wealth disparity would be to acknowledge the worth of every human being by creating a basic income guarantee.

Background: Remapping Debate: Guaranteed Income's Moment in the Sun

A basic income guarantee -- advocated by individuals ranging from Thomas Paine and Martin Luther King Jr. to President Richard Nixon -- could eliminate poverty, reduce bureaucracy, reduce inequality, and reduce crime and desperation.

Sign this petition to Congress and the President:

Create a basic income guarantee for every American.

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8924 3.4 years ago Erin Knitis
8923 3.4 years ago Marie St. Andre
8922 3.4 years ago Eniud Norris
8921 3.4 years ago Mary Germain
8920 3.4 years ago John Bush
8919 3.4 years ago Anonymous
8918 3.4 years ago Sheryll Punneo
8917 3.4 years ago Cheyenne Moshier
8916 3.4 years ago Heather Dale
8915 3.4 years ago Connie Jones
8914 3.4 years ago Matt Majersky
8913 3.4 years ago Cheldia Ann Fairley
8912 3.4 years ago Anonymous
8911 3.4 years ago susan Sheinin
8910 3.4 years ago Dawn Hendry
8909 3.4 years ago Terrance Chadd
8908 3.4 years ago David Cook
8907 3.4 years ago Rob Kuhn
8906 3.4 years ago Elliot Koontz
8905 3.4 years ago Cat Yuracka
8904 3.4 years ago Edith M. Conrad Some things are part of our history, this flag if accurately, factually explained need not be judged as such.
8903 3.4 years ago Dave Amarelo
8902 3.4 years ago Sandra Husband It is beyond ridiculous that this flag flies anywhere at all, much less on state or county or city government properties - or on state issued license plates! Hey - guess what, the civil war is over ...
8901 3.4 years ago Denise Romesburg
8900 3.4 years ago Teri Lockton As the wealth of the few has grown, incomes of all others has fallen. Those who created the financial crisis have also benefitted from it, while all others have seen a falling rate of income. The ...
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