Bring down the killer flag... of poverty

One way to address the legacy of slavery and racism that creates racial wealth disparity would be to acknowledge the worth of every human being by creating a basic income guarantee.

Background: Remapping Debate: Guaranteed Income's Moment in the Sun

A basic income guarantee -- advocated by individuals ranging from Thomas Paine and Martin Luther King Jr. to President Richard Nixon -- could eliminate poverty, reduce bureaucracy, reduce inequality, and reduce crime and desperation.

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Create a basic income guarantee for every American.

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8874 3.6 years ago Anonymous I think it is disgusting that a country with all our resources is allowing a few people to accumulate more and more of the resources. The poor help grow, pick, process, move the material the more w...
8873 3.6 years ago Cat Burtchett
8872 3.6 years ago STACIE CHARLEBOIS
8871 3.6 years ago Erin Cozart
8870 3.6 years ago Glenda Lilling
8869 3.6 years ago June Linhart
8868 3.6 years ago Caroline Harrison
8867 3.6 years ago giuseppina candia
8866 3.6 years ago giuseppina candia
8865 3.6 years ago pam ward The Civil War is OVER!!!
8864 3.6 years ago Eliza Butler
8863 3.6 years ago Daniel Holland
8862 3.6 years ago eva orlowski
8861 3.6 years ago Carlos Urena
8860 3.6 years ago Paul Gasparo
8859 3.6 years ago Sydni Nelson "Secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our prosperity . . ." is our rights not only as Americans but as human brings.
8858 3.6 years ago Janice Dlugosz
8857 3.6 years ago Michael Mulligan With automation poised to eliminate 50% of jobs in 30 years, we will have to address this crisis.
8856 3.6 years ago Rick Luttmann
8855 3.6 years ago Anonymous
8854 3.6 years ago Anonymous
8853 3.6 years ago Anonymous
8852 3.6 years ago Kurston Krantz
8851 3.6 years ago Jeremy W Thompson
8850 3.6 years ago Richard Shook
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