Bring down the killer flag... of poverty

One way to address the legacy of slavery and racism that creates racial wealth disparity would be to acknowledge the worth of every human being by creating a basic income guarantee.

Background: Remapping Debate: Guaranteed Income's Moment in the Sun

A basic income guarantee -- advocated by individuals ranging from Thomas Paine and Martin Luther King Jr. to President Richard Nixon -- could eliminate poverty, reduce bureaucracy, reduce inequality, and reduce crime and desperation.

Sign this petition to Congress and the President:

Create a basic income guarantee for every American.

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8949 3.4 years ago Bernadette Webster
8948 3.4 years ago Janice Rogers
8947 3.4 years ago Cecilia Ballard
8946 3.4 years ago Ann Maijala
8945 3.4 years ago Jeff Bence
8944 3.4 years ago Anonymous
8943 3.4 years ago Anonymous
8942 3.4 years ago Anonymous
8941 3.4 years ago Allan Chen
8940 3.4 years ago k duran
8939 3.4 years ago Jeffrey Stark I have watched income inequality explode over my lifetime. It is among the greatest threats that our country faces. It is time for us to seriously address this. We don't need words or slogans, we ne...
8938 3.4 years ago deb carr
8937 3.4 years ago Zachary Sikov
8936 3.4 years ago Courtney Reisert
8935 3.4 years ago Kathryn Prichard
8934 3.4 years ago Bettyann Reed
8933 3.4 years ago Philo Caps
8932 3.4 years ago Samuel Morningstar
8931 3.4 years ago Anonymous I'd be happy to help work on this or share my thoughts to develop a long term solution to help achieve this goal for every American, as I have a few ideas based on my work & educational history that...
8930 3.4 years ago Thaddeus Sonnenfeld
8929 3.4 years ago Zack Brown
8928 3.4 years ago Liberty Brigner
8927 3.4 years ago Kimberly Muktarian
8926 3.4 years ago Jim Elrod
8925 3.4 years ago Tom Gurule
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