Bernie Sanders, Speak Up: Militarism and Corporate Power Are Fueling Each Other

With a strong grassroots campaign for president, Senator Bernie Sanders is denouncing corporate power, economic inequality and “oligarchy.” Background:
Bernie Sanders campaign website: “On the Issues”
National Priorities Project: “Military Spending in the United States”
Bernie Sanders: Speech to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference

But he’s saying very little about crucial issues of war, militarism and foreign policy.

Martin Luther King Jr. explicitly and emphatically linked the issues of economic injustice at home with war abroad. Bernie Sanders should do the same.

Adequate funds for programs of economic equity and social justice will require an end to what Dr. King called “the madness of militarism.”

Overcoming militarism is just as vital as overcoming oligarchy. We won’t be able to do one without the other.

Please sign this petition to Bernie Sanders:

Senator Sanders, we are enthusiastic about your presidential campaign’s strong challenge to corporate power and oligarchy. We urge you to speak out about how they are intertwined with militarism and ongoing war. Martin Luther King Jr. denounced what he called “the madness of militarism,” and you should do the same. As you said in your speech to the SCLC, “Now is not the time for thinking small.” Unwillingness to challenge the madness of militarism is thinking small.

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Number Date Name Location Please add your comment if ...
26821 1 year ago Andrew Kippenhan Talking Rock, GA A bigger pile of killing money than everyone else put together. Lack of money kills people as you've said many times (in so many words), Senator Sanders. Too much money for active killing ...
26820 1 year ago jim&mary graeve st. Joseph, MN we appreciate all that you are doing. we want the many years that we have been involved to bear the fruit of the end to war!
26819 1 year ago Anthony Straka Wappingers Falls, NY
26818 1 year ago Jake Harrison Fort Worth, TX
26817 1 year ago Eugene Doyle Hamilton Beach, NY
26816 1 year ago Marian Dalton Brunswick, ME
26815 1 year ago tasunka maza west dover, VT I met you in wilmington at the gore dinner in 2000
26814 1 year ago Rose Hunt Manchester, MD Your domestic agenda is sane, precise, and revolutionary--the exact recipe needed. Please think about redirecting the money for the military-industrial-surveillance complex to serving the people of ...
26813 1 year ago Lisa Barr Oneonta, NY Washington was among the founders who said the US was never to have a standing military. Adopt the Green New Deal. Promise to end the oil wars and I can work for you.
26812 1 year ago Kurt Johnson Durham, NC
26811 1 year ago Teri Greene Houston, TX
26810 1 year ago Larry Kennedy Augusta, KS I hope you understand this comes from people who support you.
26809 1 year ago michael riesterer marquette, MI
26808 1 year ago Marla Kult Milwaukee, WI Redirect the military into a Peace Keeping faction. Use the technology to help people. Change the mindset from destruction to rebuilding.
26807 1 year ago David Nolan Holliston, MA Delving into the subject of the military industrial complex is mandatory, as is truth-telling when it comes to how we got into "perpetual war" in the first place.
26806 1 year ago Anonymous Columbia, MO
26805 1 year ago Chuck Brands El Cajon, CA
26804 1 year ago Eric Nordling Beaverton, OR
26803 1 year ago R. David Goldberg Vancouver, WA You are fighting oppression at home. You should also fight oppression in our foreign policy.
26802 1 year ago Henry Loeb Jacksonville, FL
26801 1 year ago Richard Mason Marysville, WA The military industrial complex is alive and well. Regime change for the sake of profiting defense industries is evil. We are sinking into a fascist dictatorship rapidly.
26800 1 year ago James Lamb Tulsa, OK
26799 1 year ago Brendan Beemer Portland, OR
26798 1 year ago Anonymous Oceanside, CA Thinking about making a donation to your campaign. Will vote Green Party before I vote for Hillary. She is far too supportive of all Israel does.
26797 1 year ago Michael McNeil Minneapolis, MN Who's thinking small, lets use all the material from the deconstruction of the Pentagon Building to rebuild our roads and bridges.
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