Bernie Sanders, Speak Up: Militarism and Corporate Power Are Fueling Each Other

With a strong grassroots campaign for president, Senator Bernie Sanders is denouncing corporate power, economic inequality and “oligarchy.” Background:
Bernie Sanders campaign website: “On the Issues”
National Priorities Project: “Military Spending in the United States”
Bernie Sanders: Speech to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference

But he’s saying very little about crucial issues of war, militarism and foreign policy.

Martin Luther King Jr. explicitly and emphatically linked the issues of economic injustice at home with war abroad. Bernie Sanders should do the same.

Adequate funds for programs of economic equity and social justice will require an end to what Dr. King called “the madness of militarism.”

Overcoming militarism is just as vital as overcoming oligarchy. We won’t be able to do one without the other.

Please sign this petition to Bernie Sanders:

Senator Sanders, we are enthusiastic about your presidential campaign’s strong challenge to corporate power and oligarchy. We urge you to speak out about how they are intertwined with militarism and ongoing war. Martin Luther King Jr. denounced what he called “the madness of militarism,” and you should do the same. As you said in your speech to the SCLC, “Now is not the time for thinking small.” Unwillingness to challenge the madness of militarism is thinking small.

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26776 2.7 years ago Robert Rossi Salem, OR
26775 2.7 years ago John Luhman Rockford, IL Also, please state that you will uphold the Lehy Law, unlike any President has done so far.
26774 2.7 years ago Rick Park Manhattan Beach, CA
26773 2.7 years ago Steve Johnston Tucson, AZ I sent you early money and will send you late money, but you must "think BIG".
26772 2.7 years ago Dennis Dischnger Minneapolis, MN Thanks Senator Sanders for inspiring so many of us (including my two young children). For your own inspiration and edification, may I respectfully recommend you revisit MLK's "Beyond Vietnam...
26771 2.7 years ago Joan Mabry Manchester Township, NJ
26770 2.7 years ago Anonymous Vail, CO We support you and we trust you.
26769 2.7 years ago Janice Foss Pinole, CA
26768 2.7 years ago Anonymous Redwaqy , CA Why aren't you addressing the elephant in the room, and calling for cuts to the gargantuan military budget? How about closing some military bases, and halting the construction of a Marine base on He...
26767 2.7 years ago Ayman Charafeddine New York, NY Drone strikes do more harm than good. I believe you're smart enough to understand this.
26766 2.7 years ago Nolan Wine West Babylon, NY I am 20 years old. I have considered, on multiple occasions, volunteering for your campaign, but I cannot in good conscious support a campaign which refuses to vow a discontinuation of extralegal dr...
26765 2.7 years ago Eugene Brud Stony Brook, NY Foreign Lives Matter, Bernie. Support the immediate end of the US criminal drone program and a deep cut to the military budget!
26764 2.7 years ago Lucy Cooke Butte Valley, CA Bernie, please stop agreeing with the U.S. regime change agenda in Syria.
I appreciate and understand that foreign policy is not your strong suit, but your judgment should tell you that the U.S....
26763 2.7 years ago Dorothy Wilson East Alton, IL
26762 2.7 years ago Adrianne Aron Berkeley, CA
26761 2.7 years ago Gabor Kovacs Richmond, TX A socially and emotionally intelligent, civilized person will clearly see, how humaneness is rare among our "elected" leaders. If you don't oppose the inhumane military barbarism, so rampantly suppo...
26760 2.7 years ago Anonymous Fort Bragg, CA The US government is the top arm supplier of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. There is a US naval fleet docked in Bahrain that is expanding its facilities. You cannot maintain the vast military apparatus t...
26759 2.7 years ago Anonymous Sebastian, FL The military budget is out of control, and you need to separate yourself from all the war hawks especially Clinton by stating that business as usual won't continue under your watch. How can we addre...
26758 2.7 years ago Anonymous Redway, CA We urge you to come out with a federal budget during the debate. Lay out how much you would propose for the military (whose budget is bloated and continues to grow), and needs to be slashed....
26757 2.7 years ago Nicolas J S Davies North Miami, FL
26756 2.8 years ago Rupa Cousins East Dummerston, VT
26755 2.8 years ago Eric Dynamic Oakland, CA You're great otherwise, so please stop ignoring what you don't want to face. Hide until elected but not afterward. Tell the people that you're going to cut the Military Budget by 50% in your first t...
26754 2.8 years ago charlene pollard USA, TN
26753 2.8 years ago Paul Fife Clearlake, CA LOVE YOU BERNIE.
26752 2.8 years ago Cassie Paoli Glenside, PA
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