Bernie Sanders, Speak Up: Militarism and Corporate Power Are Fueling Each Other

With a strong grassroots campaign for president, Senator Bernie Sanders is denouncing corporate power, economic inequality and “oligarchy.” Background:
Bernie Sanders campaign website: “On the Issues”
National Priorities Project: “Military Spending in the United States”
Bernie Sanders: Speech to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference

But he’s saying very little about crucial issues of war, militarism and foreign policy.

Martin Luther King Jr. explicitly and emphatically linked the issues of economic injustice at home with war abroad. Bernie Sanders should do the same.

Adequate funds for programs of economic equity and social justice will require an end to what Dr. King called “the madness of militarism.”

Overcoming militarism is just as vital as overcoming oligarchy. We won’t be able to do one without the other.

Please sign this petition to Bernie Sanders:

Senator Sanders, we are enthusiastic about your presidential campaign’s strong challenge to corporate power and oligarchy. We urge you to speak out about how they are intertwined with militarism and ongoing war. Martin Luther King Jr. denounced what he called “the madness of militarism,” and you should do the same. As you said in your speech to the SCLC, “Now is not the time for thinking small.” Unwillingness to challenge the madness of militarism is thinking small.

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26851 2.5 years ago James Cole Las Vegas, NV I've become very suspicious of the Senator after realizing his deafening silence on the military budget!
26850 2.5 years ago Jan Weinberg Princeton, NJ Please refer to this research exposé which is directly related to this essential petition:

Violence, Incorporated
26849 2.5 years ago Peggy Binnion Litchfield, OH
26848 2.5 years ago Barry Rosencrance fletcher, NC I've been saying this for 50 years now: NO MORE WAR!
26847 2.6 years ago Neil Saaty San Pedro, CA Declare that the staggering cost of regime change is weakening the people and weakening the country, and that the most patriotic and intelligent thing to do is to oppose all this militarism.
26846 2.6 years ago James Glatz Greentown, PA
26845 2.6 years ago rita corriel Allentown, PA Dear Sanders Campaign, I have no where else to go to tell you that you need to get real and courageous. Now! You are losing to a neocon, Hillary Clinton as of yesterday in Nevada. I don't know i...
26844 2.6 years ago Maria Furmato Hackettstown, NJ I currently will vote for Jill Stein due to her anti-war stance. It is hypocritical to state that you care about poor folks but condone the military industrial complex which create these very condEstablish a foreign policy based on diplomacy, international law, and human rights. End the wars and drone attacks, cut military spending by at least 50% and close the 700+ foreign military bases that are turning our republic into a bankrupt empire. Stop U.S. support and arms sales to human rights abusers, and lead on global nuclear disarmament."'); return false;">...
26843 2.6 years ago Leslie Johnson St Petersburg, FL Senator Sanders,
I am a very active volunteer for your campaign. I'm also a member of Vets for Peace. This ongoing war saddens me to the core. So does our very expensive support of Israel. I k...
26842 2.6 years ago John Wilkinson Palmyra, VA
26841 2.6 years ago Shunichiro Funakawa Saga, ot
26840 2.6 years ago doris wernig dornbirn, ot
26839 2.6 years ago Heidi Ross Cloverdale , ot
26838 2.6 years ago Dan Kelly Rutland, VT I understand that taking on the MIC is not a good way to get elected, and may lead to death once in office. But at least provide some subtle hints that you're not just another warmonger. Your determ...
26837 2.6 years ago Brady Sones Iowa City, IA
26836 2.6 years ago Kathy Barker Seattle, WA Militarism is strangling the world.
26835 2.6 years ago Mary Jamison Bayside, NY
26834 2.6 years ago Nancy Wohlforth Tilghman , MD
26833 2.6 years ago Joan Bazar Santa Clara, CA Please heed the messages in this string -- challenge the military industrial grip on our nation, the insane counterproductive use of force in place of diplomacy!
26832 2.6 years ago Alice Slater Ny, NY
26831 2.6 years ago Andrew Sledd Chicago, IL
26830 2.6 years ago Matthew Levine Tampa, FL I'm supporting your campaign already, but I really wish you would expand your message to include imperialism, militarism, the evils done by the CIA, the blowback effect of civilian deaths, and for G...
26829 2.6 years ago Bridget Schlosstein Bellevue, WA
26828 2.6 years ago richard barr nyc, NY when Hillary Clinton spoke with pride at the New Hampshire debate the other night of the praise she's received from Henry Kissinger, you could have pointed out what a brutal legacy he left during hi...
26827 2.6 years ago William Whitaker La Grande, OR Feeling the Bern!
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