No Weapons For Israel

The Israeli government and many of its U.S. supporters tried everything they could to defeat President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. Fortunately, they failed and peace and diplomacy won!

But now Congress and the Obama administration plan to reward Israel by authorizing the transfer of “massive ordnance penetrators” and other advanced weaponry that it can use to attack Iran. If Israel bombs Iran, then there’s a good chance that the U.S. will be dragged into another war.

And the U.S. is prepared to sign a new 10-year deal to give Israel—one of the largest weapons exporters in the world—as much as $45 billion more in U.S. taxpayer-funded weapons. Israel routinely uses these weapons to injure and kill Palestinian civilians and destroy their homes, agriculture and infrastructure, in violation of U.S. law.  

We just avoided a potential war with Iran. Why would we now give Israel weapons it needs to start a war with Iran and more weapons to continue oppressing the Palestinians?

Sign the petition to President Obama and tell him #NoWeapons4Israel.

Dear President Obama,
The United States should not reward Israel with more weapons after Israel and its lobby, AIPAC, attempted to scuttle your administration’s nuclear deal with Iran. The transfer of “massive ordnance penetrators” and other advanced weaponry increases the likelihood of a unilateral Israeli attack against Iran. And a new 10-year deal to provide Israel with up to $45 billion in more US taxpayer-funded weapons will deepen US complicity in Israel’s human rights abuses of Palestinians, in violation of the Arms Export Control and Foreign Assistance Acts. We just avoided a potential war with Iran. Do not give Israel weapons that it can use to start a war with Iran and more weapons to continue oppressing the Palestinians.

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65312 2.7 years ago Hugh Renicks AIRDRIE, GB No more weapons for Israel !!!!!
65311 2.7 years ago Anonymous Amsterdam, ot , IL Stop the killing of innocent palastinians !!! Stop stealin land !
65310 2.7 years ago Mohammed Ibrahim Chennai, ot , IN PLEASE
65309 2.7 years ago Carlos Echevarria Inglewood, CA , US
65308 2.7 years ago David Gurpegui Forest Hills, NY , US I would really prefer if the government could take the taxpayers money and spend/give it elsewhere. Israel has a been a leech on the American people for too many years and it's about time that they ...
65307 2.7 years ago Anonymous Gainesville, FL , US
65306 2.7 years ago Adrianne Tompkins Newton, MA , US
65305 2.7 years ago Aaron Bonventre New York City, NY , US I DONT want my money to go to murderous Israel!!!!
65304 2.7 years ago Mirna Miranda LaPorte, CO , US
65303 2.7 years ago Animae Chi NY, NY , US
65302 2.7 years ago Animae Chi NY, NY , US
65301 2.7 years ago Fawn Gregory Verona, WI , US No more of our tax dollars should go to Israel!
65300 2.7 years ago Anonymous Segrate, DC , IT Dear president Obama,
I do think that just you could have the possibilities do “ something” in order to stop that the future of our stories will remember as one criminal offense .The past has ma...
65299 2.7 years ago Hervé Chirouze Villard, ot , FR
65298 2.7 years ago Hervé Chirouze Villard, ot , FR
65297 2.7 years ago Mary O'Brien Romford, ot , GB
65296 2.7 years ago Amanda Crawford Portland, ME , IE
65295 2.7 years ago Rhonda Kirkpatrick White Rock, BC , CA
65294 2.7 years ago Rhonda Kirkpatrick White Rock, BC , CA
65293 2.7 years ago Catherine Cassels Dunkeld, GB Stop funding & arming Israel. They use these resources to murder innocent children. Their blood is on your hands and makes you complicit in these atrocities. Aiding war criminals makes you war crim...
65292 2.7 years ago Kristin Liljequist Grass valley, CA , US
65291 2.7 years ago Robert Brown Bronx, NY , US Stop funding those war criminals!
65290 2.7 years ago Jack Greer New Port Richey, FL , US I support Israel but I do not support their campaign against the Palestinian people.
65289 2.7 years ago Mira Karell Gaithersburg, MD , US Giving more weaponry to Israel is unthinkable. I don't want my tax money going there.
65288 2.7 years ago Keren Pinto OAKLAND, CA , US It's not okay to keep letting thousands of innocent victims just trying to live their lives get shot and beat up daily in the west bank and in gaza. PLEASE, do the right thing, and STOP putting our...
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Get more background information:
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"Cardin, the Iran Deal, and the Future of Plan B,"  Jim Lobe, LobeLog, September 3, 2015
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