Petition to Stop The TPP

To the Speaker of the House, Democratic Party Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Democratic Party Leader Harry Reid:

We are writing to urge the Congress to reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This agreement would destroy jobs, degrade the environment, undermine the Internet and weaken U.S. democracy and sovereignty.

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47728 1 year ago Paul Harmon Jonesboro, GA , US No more destructive trade deals
47727 1 year ago Mark Bastian Helston, ot , GB
47726 1 year ago Mark Bastian Helston, ot , GB
47725 1 year ago Mark Bastian Helston, ot , GB
47724 1 year ago Mark Bastian Helston, ot , GB
47723 1 year ago Mark Bastian Helston, ot , GB
47722 1 year ago Travis Walker Jupiter, FL , US
47721 1 year ago Theresa Kelly New York, NY , US
47720 1 year ago Elaine Erck Howell, MI , US Our Sovereignty is the most important thing this country has! Do not sign it away! Signing on to a Corporate Coup will destroy us forever and to think it is permanent is a sin against God and the p...
47719 1 year ago Anthony Errichetti Jr West Haven, CT , US
47718 1 year ago Susan Desisto Aurora, CO , US
47717 1 year ago Robert Boyle West Roxbury, MA , US #NoLameDuckTPP
47716 1 year ago Susan Brown La Mesa, CA , US The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is our worst nightmare.. It will affect everything you care about from food safety, environmental issues, public health, jobs, banking and finance, energy...
47715 1 year ago janice kozain greencastle, PA , US If the TPP is ratified Our once great Country will be under complete Corporate control. It will be ravaged and raped even more than it has been already. It would be a sad,..the saddest day in 'AmeWe will no longer have a need for "Government" and thus no need for you.'); return false;">...
47714 1 year ago Anonymous CA , US
47713 1 year ago Robin Shelton Chesapeake, VA , US Do not support this agreement. For once, actually think about the people and not your own self interest. It's not about getting reelected.
47712 1 year ago Tina Florell Stockholm, ot , SE I want my government, elected by the people in my country, to decide what will be best for us, but in connection with the rest of the world, the environment and the survival of this planet to be ri...
47711 1 year ago Steve Simmons davis, IL , US
47710 1 year ago Virginia Bennett Honolulu, HI , US The world of business has gotten even more corrupt than ever! Why should we sign a trade agreement, which will benefit no one but retailers in this country!! It will result in the flooding of the UA...
47709 1 year ago Lorin Newingham Bradenton, FL , US
47708 1 year ago Anonymous Doral, FL , US
47707 1 year ago Susan Brown La Mesa, CA , US TPP is the WORST thing you could do to our country and you should know that by now. READ IT?

Please publicly commit to vote NO on TPP and related fake trade bills!!!!
47706 1 year ago nancy strong cornville, AZ , US
47705 1 year ago sanja Valecic Zagreb, NY , HR
47704 1 year ago M.B. Hardy Raleigh, NC , US Most regrettably, Pres. Obama seems determined to pay back the Pritzker family (of Chicago's Gold Coast district, who supported him from the beginning) by ramming the TPP "free trade" agreem

Robert Reich on TPP (2 mins, 16 secs)'); return false;">...
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This action is sponsored by Popular Resistance, Flush the TPP,,, Organic Consumers Association, Alliance for Democracy, DailyKos, and The People’s Health Movement-USA. You may receive action alerts from one or more of these organizations.

Also supporting this petition are: Fox Valley Citizens for Peace & Justice, Northern Illinois Jobs with Justice, Oregon Progressive Party, and Economic Justice Action Group of the First Unitarian Church (Portland OR).

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