Stop Supporting – and Start Punishing – Saudi Arabia

Four reasons to take action against Saudi Arabia:

  1. Saudi Arabia buys huge amounts of U.S. and European weaponry, which it uses to slaughter civilians in Yemen, including bombing a hospital, and to repress democracy at home and in neighboring Bahrain.
  2. Saudi Arabia sells huge amounts of fossil fuels to the United States and other nations, which they use to render the earth's climate uninhabitable.
  3. Saudi Arabia is the leading source of funding for violent groups terrorizing the Middle East, as well as the attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001.
  4. Saudi Arabia brutally oppresses its own people, including beheading pro-democracy activists.

Western powers have generally seen points 1 and 2 above as positive -- so positive in fact as to require ignoring points 3 and 4. It is time we changed this perspective. Please sign the petition below.

We call on the governments of the world to stop providing Saudi Arabia with weaponry, and to boycott, divest from, and implement sanctions against that country until the Saudi government ends its military aggression and abuse of human rights.

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33501 2.1 years ago Donatella Lecci Hereford, ot , GB
33500 2.1 years ago Meaghan Simpson Fortuna, CA , US DAMM!!! USA fed gov funding heinous dictatorships of all kinds has got to STOP NOW!!! Insane immoral odious crimes against humanity!
33499 2.1 years ago Nina Diamante Los Angeles, CA , US All weapons should be illegal to manufacture, own, or sell or use. Anyone manufacturing, selling weapons should be arrested, pay huge fines and be killed. Send love & food instead of weapons or kil...
33498 2.1 years ago Jim Bearden Camp Connell, CA , US
33497 2.1 years ago Elizabeth Whitehead Glassboro , NJ , US
33496 2.1 years ago Anne Weech Ogden, UT , US
33495 2.1 years ago Judith Lindquist Cudahy, WI , US
33494 2.1 years ago Sandra Corrigan Philipsburg, PA , US
33493 2.1 years ago B.L. Melton Orange, TX , US
33492 2.1 years ago Sister Clare Ann Litteken C.PP.S. Saint Louis, MO , US
33491 2.1 years ago Eva Coombs Camano Island, WA , US Why are we arming the most inhumane dynasty/dictatorship with phosphate bombs?

Stop ... Not in our name...enough meddling in other lives
33490 2.1 years ago dorinda kelley portland, OR , US
33489 2.1 years ago Susan Kilgore Lummi Island, WA , US
33488 2.1 years ago Brian Stasso Windsor, ON , CA
33487 2.1 years ago James Thomas Chapel Hill, NC , US
33486 2.1 years ago Linda Murphy Hyattsville, MD , US
33485 2.1 years ago Carol Stewart Portland, OR , US
33484 2.1 years ago Brian & Marcia Robertson Mankato, MN , US
33483 2.1 years ago Anne Clawley Colorado Springs, CO , US
33482 2.1 years ago Anonymous San Diego, CA , US
33481 2.1 years ago Betsy Peirce Wenatchee, WA , US
33480 2.1 years ago Cheryl Dare Memphis, TN , US
33479 2.1 years ago Victoria Davis Takaka, ot , NZ Change war spending to aid the war torn countries!!
33478 2.1 years ago Antonia Matthew Bloomington, IN , US We need to take a stand for human rights and peace.
33477 2.1 years ago Mary Rothbart Eugene, OR , US
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