Tell the President to Pardon C.I.A. Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling

My husband Jeffrey Sterling is a former C.I.A. operative and an innocent man who was convicted of seven counts of espionage on January 26, 2015 -- for merely communicating with New York Times journalist James Risen. He’s now serving a 3.5-year prison sentence in a federal correctional facility in Colorado.

This is an outrageous miscarriage of justice. My husband was wrongfully sentenced to prison simply because he was in touch with a journalist. During Jeffrey’s trial, the Department of Justice was unable to present any direct evidence proving that he divulged classified information to Risen. They relied on circumstantial evidence -- emails and telephone conversations -- to try to make a case to a jury who would likely favor his conviction.

Jeffrey utilized proper channels and informed the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence of his concern for the safety of the American people -- as such, Jeffrey is a whistleblower.

Please join me and the coalition of organizations led by Reporters Without Borders, RootsAction and ExposeFacts in my request to the Obama Administration to immediately issue a pardon for my husband.

President Obama publicly committed to a transparent government, yet it has been shrouded in mistruth and secrecy. Jeffrey’s conviction is only the latest chapter in the administration’s war on whistleblowers and sets a dangerous precedent for freedom of information. In fact, the Obama administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers under the Espionage Act than all previous administrations combined.

An innocent man who dedicated his life to serving the United States has been wrongfully jailed under President Obama’s watch. This is his opportunity to show Jeffrey, our country, and the world what it means to be a true leader by acknowledging and making amends for a grave injustice that has been done. This can only be accomplished by granting Jeffrey Alexander Sterling an immediate pardon.

Jeffrey and I will not give up hope that many will soon realize the wrong that has been done and will help to make sure that Jeffrey will be vindicated. I will not cease discussing this tragedy in hopes that it will garner enough support for his release. Please sign my petition and share it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by using #pardonforjeffrey as a way to help. Thank you.

— Holly Sterling

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President Barack Obama
We request the immediate pardon of Jeffrey Sterling, imprisoned C.I.A. whistleblower.

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    58214 2 years ago Jim Griffiths Virgil, ON , CA
    58213 2 years ago Aniello Sarno Englewood, CO , US Jeffrey deserves to be pardoned as opposed to jailed.
    58212 2 years ago Steven Prow Columbus , OH , US
    58211 2 years ago Liisa Nenonen Oakland, CA , US
    58210 2 years ago yvonne greenbaum terrell hills, TX , US
    58209 2 years ago Anonymous Shrewsbury , ot , GB Speaking out isn't an imprisonable offence is it? Really?
    58208 2 years ago wandis wilcox aptos, CA , US Whistleblowing within a true democracy means revealing unlawful and corrupt behavior for the benefit of it's citizens. So why is this man being punished for doing the right thing?
    58207 2 years ago Vasileios Grigoriou Prenton, ot , GB
    58206 2 years ago Jessica Perry FL , US
    58205 2 years ago Dave Weissbard Canton, NY , US
    58204 2 years ago Helena Holm Helsinki, ot , FI
    58203 2 years ago Lorenzo Canizares Miami, FL , US A democracy needs to protect its whistleblowers to properly function
    58202 2 years ago michael weber berkeley, CA , US
    58201 2 years ago Kathy Geubtner Gig Harbor, WA , US Obama, let this man go free. He's clearly innocent and was convicted on no evidence.
    58200 2.1 years ago Mireya Espana Chicago, IL , US
    58199 2.1 years ago Christiane Dechert Laramie, WA , US
    58198 2.1 years ago Brian Reynolds Atlantic City, NJ , US
    58197 2.1 years ago Jim Wood Harrisburg, PA , US
    58196 2.1 years ago Thomas Lim Flushing, NY , US
    58195 2.1 years ago John de Clef Piñeiro, Esq. New York, NY , US Disclosing the truth to the American people is only a crime when those who committed the crime are in power.
    58194 2.1 years ago Evan Ravitz Boulder , CO , US
    58193 2.1 years ago Anonymous durango, CO , US
    58192 2.1 years ago Cornelia Kurz Arlington, VA , US
    58191 2.1 years ago Anonymous Grand Junction, CO , US
    58190 2.1 years ago Martha Mcpherson Boulder, CO , US
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