Mark Zuckerberg, Stop Your "Charity" Scamming

Facebook multi-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is being celebrated for supposedly giving away 99% of his money, something over $45 billion.

That's an amount that could end hunger or unclean drinking water or homelessness on earth.

It turns out Zuckerberg gave himself his money. He didn't even give it to a non-profit foundation. He gave it to a limited liability company (L.L.C.) belonging to himself.

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Mark Zuckerberg,
You should live up to your recent headlines and actually donate your billions to benefit the rest of humanity.

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12282 2.9 years ago Peggy Tumminio Oxford, CT , US This behavior is disgraceful!!! Shame!!
12281 2.9 years ago Martha Roberts Centennial, CO , US Bill Gates is a good guy to emulate-- try it!
12280 2.9 years ago Mignon Anderson Salisbury, MD , US Ahhh, how Tricky-Dick of you in the best tradition of so many Reoublican types who continue to misuse their positions against the best interests of the American people, ad nauseam!
Zuckerberg /...
12279 2.9 years ago Rev. Lydia S. Martinez Sam Antonio, TX , US You think you can impress people...
But God is NOT impressed.
12278 2.9 years ago Alan Benton Boise, ID , US Pulled another fast-one, huh?
12277 2.9 years ago Pamela Gray Chattaroy, WA , US creap
12276 2.9 years ago David Shearer Tuckasegee, NC , US Give somebody a little money and they think they are somebody "Special". Please enough with the idiot antics!!
12275 2.9 years ago Susann Wertz Newtown, PA , US
12274 2.9 years ago Osvaldo Robaina Homestead, FL , US Pathetic. A kidult with money.
12273 2.9 years ago Susan Klenner CA , US Mr. Zuckerberg, your greed and hypocrisy are disgusting. Why not follow the lead of Bill Gates and make an actual donation of a respectable portion of your wealth. How much of that fortune can you...
12272 2.9 years ago Ann Galloway Pinterest Veda Beach, FL , US Either you should keep your mouth shut, or else put your money where your mouth is. Either you actually can choose to give a significant chunk of your wealth to support good causes, or else you jus...
12271 2.9 years ago Mary Brickley JAMESTOWN, NY , US
12270 2.9 years ago Keith Swenson Eugenr, OR , US That's just creepy, but not surprising. Money, lots of money corrupts. Try to surprise the world with good deeds, not corruption.
12269 2.9 years ago Ayers Morison Jr Beverly Hills, MI , US Spread the word on facebook!
12268 2.9 years ago Jim Willis brooklyn, NY , US
12267 2.9 years ago Jeff Kiralis Fairlee, VT , US
12266 2.9 years ago Peter Altomare Kamuela, HI , US
12265 2.9 years ago Edward Stoltz AURORA, CO , US
12264 2.9 years ago Carl Sebern Fallbrook, CA , US
12263 2.9 years ago Yefim Maizel San Francisco, CA , US
12262 2.9 years ago Sadie Sullivan-Greiner El Cajon, CA , US Let's see... what would be the shift from "Pharma-Bro"? "Internet-Bro?"
12261 2.9 years ago JoAnn Mellendorf Sullivan , IL , US If all of this is true, then you don't have a conscience. I think you know how bad this is going to look for for you! So, all you're going to do is think of yourself! Do you know how much despair th...
12260 2.9 years ago Christine Szuszkiewicz South Dartmouth, MA , US Please be kind and use your LLC nicely!
12259 2.9 years ago Gary Schnapp Nutley, NJ , US Zuckerberg allegedly gave $100 million to the Newark Public Schools in Newark, NJ only for it to disappear into a labyrinthine bureaucracy and be lost forever to its ostensible beneficiaries, the st...
12258 2.9 years ago Curtis Johnson Federal Way, WA , US Wow! I actually bought into your story Mark. I thought you were going to do good in a world that can really needs some. Instead you decided to become a big player on the world political stage. My di...
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