Mark Zuckerberg, Stop Your "Charity" Scamming

Facebook multi-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is being celebrated for supposedly giving away 99% of his money, something over $45 billion.

That's an amount that could end hunger or unclean drinking water or homelessness on earth.

It turns out Zuckerberg gave himself his money. He didn't even give it to a non-profit foundation. He gave it to a limited liability company (L.L.C.) belonging to himself.

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Mark Zuckerberg,
You should live up to your recent headlines and actually donate your billions to benefit the rest of humanity.

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12430 1 year ago Walter Hoffmann Bayreuth, ot , DE
12429 1 year ago Margaret S. Maurin Bryn Mawr, PA , US
12428 1 year ago Kent Sakoda Honolulu, HI , US
12427 1 year ago Zena Ess Beverly Hills, CA , US
12426 1 year ago Jerry Wharton Tucson, AZ , US
12425 1 year ago Kian Daniel Milwaukee, WI , US
12424 1 year ago Eduardo Thomas PĂ©rez del Postigo Portland, ME , US
12423 1 year ago Michael Friedman El Sobrante, CA , US Come on Mark. Deal with this. Be honest.
12422 1 year ago Marie St. Andre Canton, MA , US
12421 1 year ago Anonymous Fitzgerald, GA , US
12420 1 year ago Joanne Bruno Washington, PA , US
12419 1 year ago Cheryl Berman Armonk, NY , US
12418 1 year ago James Kolb NJ , US
12417 1 year ago Hazel Sharrad Burgess Hill, ot , GB
12416 1 year ago Angela wilson troutville, VA , US
12415 1 year ago M Adaline Jyurovat Boulder, CO , US
12414 1 year ago Adrienne Landis Goshen, IN , US
12413 1 year ago Joanne Snyder San Diego, CA , US A fraud and self promoter, perfect example of a hypocrite, and the media glorifies him. The emperor has no clothes.
12412 1 year ago Joel Shapiro Nyc, NY , US
12411 1 year ago A R Guelph, ON , CA F***ing moron wish you lose all
12410 1 year ago omar hasan chicago, IL , US
12409 1 year ago Linda Sharkey West Columbia, SC , US You did a really slick and sleazy deed in honor of your new child--really set a great example..
12408 1 year ago soonjeong stahl jamestown, CA , US
12407 1 year ago William Stahl Jamestown , CA , US We need you to man up. Support organizations like Slow Food International, Navdanya of India, Free Software Foundation, Oxfam International and many others that truly work for the health of the Bios...
12406 1 year ago Catherine Strout Bloomfield Hills, MI , US
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