Stop Rewarding Trump


Stop awarding extra coverage for moral outrages.

If racism, religious bigotry, hatred and war mongering earned politicians and electoral candidates less coverage, many of them would engage in less of it.

When you reward people like Donald Trump with dramatically more coverage the greater his immoral outrages, he continues to escalate them.

Your single-minded drive to increase viewership is endangering the United States and the world.

Fascism can happen here. Reverse your system of rewards and punishments before it is too late.

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14705 1 year ago Dara Tallmadge Wheat Ridge, CO , US
14704 1 year ago Darlene Zuvich San Pedro , CA , US
14703 1 year ago Patricia Wieland camarillo, CA , US
14702 1 year ago carol archibald San Diego, CA , US Please help stop him. He is an arrogant, narcissistic bigot who is seriously jeopardizing our country and what we stand for.
14701 1 year ago Jim McMann Los Angeles, CA , US
14700 1 year ago Patricia Gilley Shreveport, LA , US
14699 1 year ago Kamal Dzhafarli Staten Island, NY , US
14698 1 year ago Priscilla Nelson Seattle, WA , US Please help us show the world we are not all like him.
14697 1 year ago David and Julie Peha RENTON, WA , US
14696 1 year ago Elisabeth Fellowes Chicago, IL , US
14695 1 year ago Randall Labauve CA , US
14694 1 year ago Eric Horwitz Lake Forest, CA , US
14693 1 year ago Barry Curran Riverside, CA , US
14692 1 year ago james sall brooklyn, NY , US
14691 1 year ago Anonymous Cambridge, MA , UM
14690 1 year ago Samuel Morningstar Milwaukee, WI , US
14689 1 year ago Yvonne Barker West Allis, WI , US
14688 1 year ago Jessica Hebert Naples, ME , US
14687 1 year ago Richard Ward Phoenix, AZ , US
14686 1 year ago sandra martin Clinton Twp, MI , US This is a clown. We already look like fools to the world. Will you now give top TV time to the clown! Stop using the word 'journalism'. You are just going for the bucks, and screwing over a whol...
14685 1 year ago william limoges Montgomery, MA , US
14684 1 year ago James & Sue Umbarger Summertown, TN , US
14683 1 year ago nina fritsch Philadelphia, PA , US
14682 1 year ago Linda Iannuzzi Germantown, MD , US Keep this narcissistic thug and misogynistic bigot off my TV. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE JOURNALISTS! This isn't the Jerry Springer Show.
14681 1 year ago Laura Kiholm Mesa, AZ , US
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