Stop Rewarding Trump


Stop awarding extra coverage for moral outrages.

If racism, religious bigotry, hatred and war mongering earned politicians and electoral candidates less coverage, many of them would engage in less of it.

When you reward people like Donald Trump with dramatically more coverage the greater his immoral outrages, he continues to escalate them.

Your single-minded drive to increase viewership is endangering the United States and the world.

Fascism can happen here. Reverse your system of rewards and punishments before it is too late.

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14680 1 year ago kathleen hart cheshire, MA , US im in total agreement. this is a disgraceful united states cartoon that has to be retired....... with all the disasters happening and I see abuot these on local news only while trump hits the big sc...
14679 1 year ago Shahriyar Ali Schaumburg, IL , US
14678 1 year ago david sidney
14677 1 year ago Anita Von Himmel Delhi, NY , US
14676 1 year ago John Gregory Portage, MI , US
14675 1 year ago Camille Gaines Kinnelon, NJ , US
14674 1 year ago Angel Guevara Girona, ot , ES
14673 1 year ago Jenna Beck Ione, CA , US
14672 1 year ago Joel Moore Columbus, MS , US
14671 1 year ago Frank Molina Patterson, CA , US
14670 1 year ago Carolyn Heil LaCrosse , WI , US
14669 1 year ago Lindsey Huddleston Batavia, IL , US
14668 1 year ago Lisa Nelson Colton Los Angeles, CA , US
14667 1 year ago Matt Groner University City, MO , US
14666 1 year ago Jennifer Hoyt Weed, CA , US
14665 1 year ago Brooke A Cinti., OH , US
14664 1 year ago Richard Oleson Honolulu, HI , US
14663 1 year ago Anita DeBias Port Richey, FL , US Too much time is given to Mr Trump. Equal time should be given to each and every other candidate.
14662 1 year ago Kevin Stephens Peoria, AZ , US
14661 1 year ago Stu Farnsworth Eagan, MN , US STOP talking about this fool and get to real news and issues. His hate and bigotry has no place in America. Start talking sense and how Bernie is speaking the truth..!!!
14660 1 year ago Liberty Goodwin Providence, RI , US
14659 1 year ago Jess Nitsche Simi Valley, CA , US
14658 1 year ago Bryan Vestal Waterloo, IA , US
14657 1 year ago Joan Alles Bend, OR , US We would all be enjoy Trump free days! Please stop inflicting him on us! Why r u feeding his narcissism?
14656 1 year ago Anonymous Potomac, MD , US
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