Stop Rewarding Trump


Stop awarding extra coverage for moral outrages.

If racism, religious bigotry, hatred and war mongering earned politicians and electoral candidates less coverage, many of them would engage in less of it.

When you reward people like Donald Trump with dramatically more coverage the greater his immoral outrages, he continues to escalate them.

Your single-minded drive to increase viewership is endangering the United States and the world.

Fascism can happen here. Reverse your system of rewards and punishments before it is too late.

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14657 3.1 years ago Joan Alles Bend, OR , US We would all be enjoy Trump free days! Please stop inflicting him on us! Why r u feeding his narcissism?
14656 3.1 years ago Anonymous Potomac, MD , US
14655 3.1 years ago Charles Bouscaren Yermo , CA , US
14654 3.1 years ago Gwenn-Ael Lynn Chicago, IL , US
14653 3.1 years ago D.A. ROY HOUSTON, TX , US
14652 3.1 years ago Ulku Bates New York, NY , US
14651 3.1 years ago John G. Wolf Ingleside, IL , US R. D. Steele: 2 party tyrany is what we have.
14650 3.1 years ago Dan Girzadas III Evergreen Park, IL , US
14649 3.1 years ago Patty Felt Baltimore, OH , US This man is disaster & an insult to America!
14648 3.1 years ago Mary Fitzgerald Pasadena , CA , US
14647 3.1 years ago Michelle Skrip Romeoville, IL , US
14646 3.1 years ago Janette Beck Lubbock, TX , US
14645 3.1 years ago Andrea bowen lawrence, KS , US
14644 3.1 years ago David Gordon Long Island City, NY , US The above petition speaks volumes.
14643 3.1 years ago Josh Carpenter Wheat Ridge, CO , US
14642 3.1 years ago robert bolden UNION, NJ , US
14641 3.1 years ago Anonymous Rochester, NY , US Trump is a reality so-called presidential candidate. Pleas reverse showing him so often. This is a man who lies all the time. Do you want to present him as America's best? I think not.
14640 3.1 years ago Wendy Foxworth Los Ranchos, NM , US
14639 3.1 years ago Judy Dorner HULL, MA , US
14638 3.1 years ago Jerry Havel Siletz, OR , US
14637 3.1 years ago Frank Mccarthy Oak Brook, IL , US
14636 3.1 years ago Michael Muellner Darien, IL , US
14635 3.1 years ago BETTY ARTHUR WICHITA FALLS, TX , US
14634 3.1 years ago Anonymous Davis, CA , US Or put him in your comedy programs.
14633 3.1 years ago Milly Brown Reno, NV , US No wnder his poll results are high...he gets all the publicity!
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