Remove Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC Chair

This campaign is making progress. Let's keep up the pressure.

In addition to her attempt to deny the Bernie Sanders campaign access to its own voter files, Wasserman Schultz has tried in other ways to minimize competition for her candidate, Hillary Clinton. She has done this by scheduling very few primary debates, and scheduling them at times of low TV viewing.

In Congress, she has served as a pro-militarist and corporatist tool of the high bidders. Among recent disgraceful acts was her vote to enable racial discrimination in car buying.

Enough is enough.

We demand that Debbie Wasserman Schultz step down as chair of the DNC.

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Number Date Name Location Please add comment.
48234 1 year ago Danil Watson Grand Rapids, MI DemExit
48233 1 year ago Roger Sands Brooklyn, NY
48232 1 year ago Annabelle Roney Eugene, OR
48231 1 year ago Dean Loros Eagle Point, OR
48230 1 year ago Melissa Dau MOORHEAD, MN
48228 1 year ago Heather Fullenlove Austin, TX
48227 1 year ago Shaun Moe Alexandria, VA Wiki leaks
That is all
48226 1 year ago Lindsey Haley Bremerton, WA She needs to be fired.
48225 1 year ago Aaron Francis Tustin, CA Wikileaks! The entire Democratic Party conspired to make Bernie Sanders fail!
48224 1 year ago Anonymous Fayetteville , NC
48223 1 year ago Madeleine Drake South Beach, OR
48222 1 year ago cynthia chaillie Hermosa beach, CA
48221 1 year ago Georgeanne Matranga Port Jefferson Station, NY Make Bernie the Democratic nominee!!!
48220 1 year ago Andrew Brundage Thorndale, PA Absolutely disgraceful displays of collusion with the Clinton campaign. Schultz is not fit to lead the DNC.
48219 1 year ago Sylvain Malfroy-Camine Arlington, MA
48218 1 year ago Terence Goya CA
48217 1 year ago LISA KELSEY OLYMPIA, WA Could this woman be any more corrupt? I would NEVER give any $ to the DNC because of her.
48216 1 year ago Vanessa Jamison Marysville, WA
48215 1 year ago Vanessa Jamison Marysville, WA
48214 1 year ago Jonathan Bailin, Ph.D. Los Angeles, CA
48213 1 year ago Anonymous Silver Spring, MD Enough is enough! Time to replace this idiot with someone who will listen to the voters and not special interest elites
48212 1 year ago Anonymous Patterson, CA
48211 1 year ago Anonymous WIINCHESTER, VA sHE HAS DONE ENOUGH HARM.
48210 1 year ago John Kulick American Canyon, CA I live in Monroe County and know all too well the corrupt politicos who claim to help citizens but are in it to favor narrow special interests. Wasserman Schultz is no different then Ross Lehtinen w...
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