Remove Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC Chair

This campaign is making progress. Let's keep up the pressure.

In addition to her attempt to deny the Bernie Sanders campaign access to its own voter files, Wasserman Schultz has tried in other ways to minimize competition for her candidate, Hillary Clinton. She has done this by scheduling very few primary debates, and scheduling them at times of low TV viewing.

In Congress, she has served as a pro-militarist and corporatist tool of the high bidders. Among recent disgraceful acts was her vote to enable racial discrimination in car buying.

Enough is enough.

We demand that Debbie Wasserman Schultz step down as chair of the DNC.

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48316 2.4 years ago Gwen Boyd Rockville, MD Please remove yourself for the sake of the party.
48315 2.4 years ago Anonymous Augusta, GA She should not just be removed. The agenda of the DNC specifically with respect to undermining and infiltrating the Sanders Campaign should be paramount.

The DNC destroyed Bernie Sanders...
48314 2.4 years ago Anonymous Rockville, MD
48313 2.4 years ago Mae Mehra Los angeles, CA
48312 2.4 years ago Rhonda Solis Greeley, CO
48311 2.4 years ago Charles Mitchell Sun City West, AZ Resign or get Fired Debbie Wassermann. Your leadership and voice is no longer needed. Hillary needs to fire your sorry A**. We need our former First Lady to be President of the United States of Amer...
48310 2.4 years ago shannon Otoole sterling, MA
48309 2.4 years ago Karie Kellert Cleveland, OK She has allowed bias to take place in the DNC
48308 2.4 years ago Danielle Miele North Andover, MA
48307 2.4 years ago Duane Kloster Spring Hill, FL Resign and leave, you are no longer wanted and you have damaged the honor of the party and your trustworthiness. You are despicable and unworthy of your post and I'm requesting your removal from th...
48306 2.4 years ago Paul Markillie Grand Blanc, MI
48305 2.4 years ago Tammy Devito Haverhill, MA This is a outrage , this is not a Democracy anymore the will of the people has been stepped on . The Democrats are no longer the party of the people Green is the New Blue
48304 2.4 years ago Leanne Nurse Washington, DC
48303 2.4 years ago Glory Boersma Belvidere , IL
48302 2.4 years ago Pamela Yeh New York, NY
48301 2.4 years ago Athira Mohanan Floral Park , NY
48300 2.4 years ago Anonymous Oak Park, IL And all others compromised in #DNCleaks should step down and lose Superdelegates' credentials as well.
48299 2.4 years ago Stephen Smith Dayton, OH
48298 2.4 years ago D.S. Everett, Jr. Boston, MA WHY is Debbie Wasserman Schultz still chair of the DNC. Her support of the
payday loan industry is what really disqualifies her. Yes, I know she has changed
her position, but only under pre...
48297 2.4 years ago Cristina Juran San Bernardino, CA
48296 2.4 years ago Anthony Summers Miami, FL It is an insult to both the intelligence and the conscience of the American people for the so-called leaders in the "Democratic" party to engage in this behavior while claiming to promote democracy....
48295 2.4 years ago hayden thornburg hickory, NC
48294 2.4 years ago Rev. Carter Dary Criviz, WI You MUST fire this disgrace. And remove her from the DNC and any future support for public office!! And announce that to the world. Then, nominate Sen. Sanders the right-full candidate.
48293 2.4 years ago Anonymous Toronto, ON Hillary was DNC pick out of the gate, these emails show that clearly. It doesn't matter what party or candidate anyone belongs to , this is unacceptable. As far as Jews are concerned this s racism a...
48292 2.4 years ago Jodi Peterson Bloomington, MN
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