Tell the Clintons to give their $25 million in speaking fees to good causes

Wall Street, Big Pharma, and corporate technology interests have shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars supposedly just to hear Hillary or Bill Clinton give a speech.

According to a new report by Consortium News, Hillary Clinton took in $11.8 million in 51 speaking fees from January 2014 to May 2015, when she officially launched her presidential campaign. Bill Clinton delivered 53 paid speeches to bring in $13.3 million during that same period. That's over $25 million total, largely if not entirely from wealthy parties with a strong interest in influencing U.S. government policy.

We urge the Clintons to clear their corrupted image by donating their $25 million in recent lecture fees to organizations legitimately working for campaign finance reform, Wall Street reform, environmental protection, and peace.

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7091 3.1 years ago Stephen Holler Houston, TX , US
7090 3.1 years ago Marilyn Sieck Huntley, IL , US What a way to get around Citizens United.
7089 3.1 years ago Margery Fels & E.Macdougall Palmer Missoula, MT , US
7088 3.1 years ago Anonymous Fitzgerald, GA , US
7087 3.1 years ago lewis thayer WEST CHESTER, PA , US Don't hold your breath that they will give or donate any money for any kind of reform unless it benefits the Clinton's or their cronies.
7086 3.1 years ago Ralf Lee Marshall, NC , US
7085 3.1 years ago Allen Williamson Moneta, VA , US
7084 3.1 years ago Anonymous Memphis, TN , US
7083 3.1 years ago Maren Kentfield Tucson, AZ , US How much money do you really need??
7082 3.1 years ago Dale Martin Hendersonville, TN , US
7081 3.1 years ago Juan Gonzalez Doral, FL , US
7080 3.1 years ago Anders Graae Hammel, DK
7079 3.1 years ago Linda Shamsid-Deen Pasadena, CA , US
7078 3.1 years ago Mark Dutzi Portland, OR , US
7077 3.1 years ago Anonymous Eagleville, PA , US Don't you guy's have Enough? We have __..__ Enough is Enough
7076 3.1 years ago George W Kriebel Jr Florence, MA , US
7075 3.1 years ago Shelby Wilson Fletcher, NC , US
7074 3.1 years ago Anonymous San Francisco, CA , US
7073 3.1 years ago David Cotner Ventura, CA , US It's antics like these that make me glad I'm not voting for her.
7072 3.1 years ago Anonymous Louisville, KY , US
7071 3.1 years ago Hayden Kaden Gustavus, AK , US
7070 3.1 years ago Patricia Bergh Mahtomedi, MN , US
7069 3.1 years ago MSgt Michael Pound, US Army, Retired Kansas City, MO , US
7068 3.1 years ago Julian Peters Washington, DC , US
7067 3.1 years ago Nicole Waldron Hamden, OH , US
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