Tell the Clintons to give their $25 million in speaking fees to good causes

Wall Street, Big Pharma, and corporate technology interests have shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars supposedly just to hear Hillary or Bill Clinton give a speech.

According to a new report by Consortium News, Hillary Clinton took in $11.8 million in 51 speaking fees from January 2014 to May 2015, when she officially launched her presidential campaign. Bill Clinton delivered 53 paid speeches to bring in $13.3 million during that same period. That's over $25 million total, largely if not entirely from wealthy parties with a strong interest in influencing U.S. government policy.

We urge the Clintons to clear their corrupted image by donating their $25 million in recent lecture fees to organizations legitimately working for campaign finance reform, Wall Street reform, environmental protection, and peace.

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7041 2.9 years ago joshua paterno bronx, NY , US
7040 2.9 years ago Patricia Storrer Traverse City, MI , US
7039 2.9 years ago Anonymous New Orleans, LA , US The American people have had it up to here with the corruption of big money in politics. Hillary and Bill may have had noble intentions when they first started out in politics, but now they both ar...
7038 2.9 years ago Justin Pauls South Plainfield, NJ , US
7037 2.9 years ago Barbara Robinson Spokane, WA , US
7036 2.9 years ago Ana Andrade El Paso, TX , US
7035 2.9 years ago mary wickwire seattle, WA , US
7034 2.9 years ago Jon Mullin Irving, TX , US
7033 2.9 years ago Teresa Robinson Smithfield, VA , US I would vote:" none of the above " before I would ever vote for a corporate war monger whose greed and sociopathic mantra would seal Wall streets and world corporations permanent government control...
7032 2.9 years ago Sherry Tippetts American Fork, UT , US
7031 2.9 years ago Julia Briggs Snohomish, WA , US
7030 2.9 years ago Joseph Ortiz-Noriega Albuquerque, NM , US
7029 2.9 years ago James Banfield Saint Petersburg, FL , US
7028 2.9 years ago Jim McMann Los Angeles, CA , US
7027 2.9 years ago Seth Humphrey St. Louis, MO , US
7026 2.9 years ago Anonymous New York, TX , CF
7025 2.9 years ago Molly Hauck Kensington, MD , US
7024 2.9 years ago Anonymous Parkville, MD , US
7023 2.9 years ago Marsha Kimmer Schenectady, NY , US
7022 2.9 years ago Joseph Passabet New Orleans, LA , US
7021 2.9 years ago Andrea Pennisi New York, NY , US
7020 2.9 years ago Wayne Young Arvada, CO , US Even though I'm a Democrat, I'd vote for Trump before I would vote for Hillary Clinton.
7019 2.9 years ago Randall Marshall Spring, TX , US This level of greed and corruption is unacceptable. Look at who's running...on both sides. it's hopeless...
7018 2.9 years ago danilo oribe las vegas, NV , US
7017 2.9 years ago Regina Flores LAKE ELSINORE, CA , US
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