Tell Hillary Clinton to Stop Lying About Single-Payer

A single-payer health plan covers everyone and lowers costs. It does not deprive anyone of health coverage or empower any governor to do so.

Unless you're in the top 5% for income, you save more by tearing up your health insurance bills than you pay in higher taxes under single-payer.

The claims that Hillary Clinton is making are false. Please sign the petition:

To Hillary Clinton:

Stop lying about single-payer.

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13690 3.1 years ago Cheryl Dykstra Niskayuna, NY I worked for a huge health insurance company in the 1980s that was extremely proud of the huge profits they made by refusing to pay 82% of all valid claims. That’s right – VALID CLAIMS. They would p...
13689 3.1 years ago Scott McIntyre San Antonio, TX
13688 3.1 years ago Susan Osada Buffalo Grove, IL
13687 3.1 years ago David Lock Ada, MI
13686 3.1 years ago Steven Silva New York, NY
13685 3.1 years ago Milton Wykoff Rochester, NY Obamacare was a poor compromise with private insurers and their congressional lackeys. Be progressive; get with single payer!
13684 3.1 years ago J Rodriguez Chicago, IL
13683 3.1 years ago Addie Gardner Corinth , VT
13682 3.1 years ago John Kesich Venice, FL
13681 3.1 years ago Addie Gardner Corinth , VT
13680 3.1 years ago j m burneyville, OK
13679 3.1 years ago S. Greene Cazadero, CA Saying whatever your 2.8-billion payers want you to is not democracy. Neither is for-profit health "insurance."
Tell the truth: single-payer takes 10% in administrative fees; for-profit (the...
13678 3.1 years ago Leona Semizian Floral Park, NY
13677 3.1 years ago Evgenia Vyatchanin New Smyrna Beach, FL
13676 3.1 years ago Anonymous Rising Sun, MD
13675 3.1 years ago Judith FORD Londonderry, NH Just stop lying and start telling the truth...about everything. Do not resort to republican tricks to try to get leg up on your opponent. We will sweep you out of here with the other politicians...
13674 3.1 years ago Laura Hough Los Angeles, CA
13673 3.1 years ago Anonymous Highland, NY To clarify the previous note- the superficial argument to support Hillary because she is a woman is ridiculous, shallow, and ignores the reality of the policies she has advocated, and pushed for thr...
13672 3.1 years ago Anonymous Highland, NY Wouldn't want or trust Hillary as a dog catcher, never mind President. She and her husband have done enough damage to this country and the world to last a lifetime. The superficial argument of that Hillary has taken huge sums of money from Wall Street, pharmaceutical, insurance, Monsanto, and has not supported the labeling of GMOs all of which demonstrates whose interests she is serving.
The need to slash the military budget, close some military bases, and not support austerity programs has fallen on deaf ears with both Democrats and Republicans.
Six coin tosses all in favor of Clinton, the odds against which are sixty-four to one, gave her a whisker\'s edge over Sanders that she hurriedly called a victory? What a steaming pile of moose poop the elections have descended to for quite some time. As Hill (who touts her credentials as standing up for women, children, elderly) & Bill along with Kasich are responsible for the looming food stamp cuts that will impact roughly a million people. Read: A Million People Are About to Lose Food Stamps Because of Kasich-Clinton Welfare Reform, Ben Mathis-Lilley.'); return false;">...
13671 3.1 years ago Anonymous roseburg, OR your lying i lost my Insurance because of Obama new rules he and the rest of you dumb asses put in place on small businesses
13670 3.1 years ago Gretchen Pemberton Rohnert Park, CA
13669 3.1 years ago Harmon Greenblatt Northbrook , IL
13668 3.1 years ago Douglas Hodge Seattle, WA
13667 3.1 years ago Dana Stickney Mattapoisett, MA The rest of the "civilized", industrialized world realized that single payer health care was the way to go YEARS AGO!! Hillary, stop lying about this! We could eliminate the SINGLE BIGGEST CAUSE OF ...
13666 3.1 years ago Daniel Roberts June Lake, CA
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