Tell Hillary Clinton to Stop Lying About Single-Payer

A single-payer health plan covers everyone and lowers costs. It does not deprive anyone of health coverage or empower any governor to do so.

Unless you're in the top 5% for income, you save more by tearing up your health insurance bills than you pay in higher taxes under single-payer.

The claims that Hillary Clinton is making are false. Please sign the petition:

To Hillary Clinton:

Stop lying about single-payer.

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13663 1 year ago Shannon Moore Austin, TX
13662 1 year ago Samuel S. Howard Baltimore, MD
13661 1 year ago Susan Heidebrecht Fresno, CA
13660 1 year ago Robert Racine Mesa, AZ
13659 1 year ago Eileen Bill Santa Rosa, CA
13658 1 year ago Anonymous Sacramento, CA
13657 1 year ago justin andrews baltimore, MD
13656 1 year ago Shirley Rice Burdett, NY
13655 1 year ago Douglas Peterson Waukegan, IL
13654 1 year ago Andrew Gram Altadena, CA
13653 1 year ago Anonymous Seattle, WA The Affordable Care Act has become unaffordable to me since I started working full time at minimum wage. I would gladly accept more taxes taken from my check for a single payer system that insures e...
13652 1 year ago Patti Rice Ishpeming , MI
13651 1 year ago Anonymous Austin, TX
13650 1 year ago Adam Williams Kapaa, HI
13649 1 year ago Tom Nieland Alamo, TX
13648 1 year ago Jim Hyder Las Vegas, NV Lying does not get the country moving forward.!
13647 1 year ago Robert Rossi Salem, OR
13646 1 year ago Radu Hila Fairfield, CT Hillary: One of the biggest con artists in Washington.
13645 1 year ago Eugene Rodriguez Catskill, NY Clinton, an "experienced Liar". Just more of the same ol' same ol!
13644 1 year ago don templin laytonville, CA
13643 1 year ago don templin laytonville, CA
13642 1 year ago Rosette Bagley Naperville, IL
13641 1 year ago Hector Parra Mountain view, CA
13640 1 year ago Jesse Dellinger Mount Joy, PA
13639 1 year ago Anonymous Seattle, WA
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