Tell Hillary Clinton to Stop Lying About Single-Payer

A single-payer health plan covers everyone and lowers costs. It does not deprive anyone of health coverage or empower any governor to do so.

Unless you're in the top 5% for income, you save more by tearing up your health insurance bills than you pay in higher taxes under single-payer.

The claims that Hillary Clinton is making are false. Please sign the petition:

To Hillary Clinton:

Stop lying about single-payer.

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13765 3 years ago Jaclyn Higgs Oakland, CA
13764 3 years ago Lesley Patton Kapa'au, HI
13763 3 years ago Floyd Nudi Sandia Park, NM A single-payer health plan covers everyone and actually lowers costs. And as you claim, it does not deprive anyone of health care coverage or empowers any governor to do so. Except for people in t...
13762 3 years ago John Steven Livacich Redlands, CA
13761 3 years ago Matthew Cremer Tulsa , OK
13760 3 years ago Paul Cavanaugh lithonia, GA
13759 3 years ago Paul Cavanaugh lithonia, GA
13758 3 years ago gilbert trester santa monica, CA
13757 3 years ago Thomas Ferguson Levittown, PA You don't like it because it will eliminate all your speaking engagements to Health Care facilities!!!
13756 3 years ago Inga Jaeger Iowa City, IA
13755 3 years ago Jean Coulton Capitan, NM I an all for single-payer health care. Get the insurance companies out of the process and save money.
13754 3 years ago Henry Sanchez Ojai, CA
13753 3 years ago Peter Wetzler Kingston, NY
13752 3 years ago Jenifer Horne Madison, WI
13751 3 years ago Jack Coulehan City of Industry, CA
13750 3 years ago Eileen Wunderlich Houston, TX
13749 3 years ago Regina Flores Lake Elsinore , CA
13748 3 years ago Regina Flores Lake Elsinore , CA
13747 3 years ago Maurice Vasquez Brooklyn, NY We know she,s not for the people of this country. what she really wants is more power so she can abuse it to fit her own personal agenda.
13746 3 years ago Anonymous Fairway, KS
13745 3 years ago Michael Lipinski San Mateo, CA
13744 3 years ago Carol Lemieux Salem, MA This feminist is FED UP with your many lies
13743 3 years ago Heidi Mandel Reseda, CA
13742 3 years ago Anonymous Fairway, KS
13741 3 years ago Andre Walter Austin, TX
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