Tell Hillary Clinton to Stop Lying About Single-Payer

A single-payer health plan covers everyone and lowers costs. It does not deprive anyone of health coverage or empower any governor to do so.

Unless you're in the top 5% for income, you save more by tearing up your health insurance bills than you pay in higher taxes under single-payer.

The claims that Hillary Clinton is making are false. Please sign the petition:

To Hillary Clinton:

Stop lying about single-payer.

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13738 1 year ago Casey Pittman Coppell, TX
13737 1 year ago bob sutton clude, TX Yes STOP Lying to the people of the USA you have to be stopped now
13736 1 year ago Anonymous Pawling, NY
13735 1 year ago Lisa Harding Jacksonville, FL
13734 1 year ago Richard Santos Sedona, AZ
13733 1 year ago Tiana Brachel Cartersville, GA
13732 1 year ago Tiana Brachel Cartersville, GA
13731 1 year ago Dave Renaud Frederick, MD Single payer is the most only chance you have to get my vote
13730 1 year ago Manmeet toor los angeles, CA
13729 1 year ago Clark Sullivan Oakland, CA
13728 1 year ago Douglas DeMers Tahuya, WA
13727 1 year ago Sara St. Peter Randolph center , VT We can do better. We're America for heven's sake. Lets take the innovation we're known for and put together something that works for everyone. No one should be making money off of the sick anyway. T...
13726 1 year ago Melina Vargas Woburn, MA
13725 1 year ago Don Daniels Evergreen, CO Hillary, you have a credibility problem.
13724 1 year ago Paul Stevens Albuquerque, NM Single payer health care should become the law. Its the only way we will break the hold wall street has on our healthcare system which costs twice what healthcare in other industrial societies.
13723 1 year ago William Walters Coeur d'Alene, ID Monsanto Lobbyist Jerry Crawford is Hillary Clinton's campaign manager. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein stated that "politicians should naturally reside in a state of more or less constant accoHillary\'s speaking fees from Wall Street in 2013 = $3.2 million.
Morgan Stanley $225,000
Deutsche Bank $225,000
Fidelity Investments $225,000
Apollo Management Holdings $225,000
Itau BBA USA Securities $225,000
Sanford C. Bernstein $225,000
Goldman Sachs $225,000
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts $225,000
UBS Wealth Management $225,000
Goldman Sachs $225,000 (again)
Goldman Sachs $225,000 (again !)
Golden Tree Asset Management $275,000
Bank of America $225,000
CME Group $225,000"'); return false;">...
13722 1 year ago Julie Charles College Park , MD
13721 1 year ago thomas Lux state road, NC
13720 1 year ago Nicholas DiMasi, Jr. Glen Ellyn, IL
13719 1 year ago Anonymous Seattle, WA Most Americans and most of the medical profession support single payer, plus hundreds of business and labor groups, and all of the major women's rights organizations (before your campaign, Hilla...
13718 1 year ago Alyssa Solazzo Freeport, NY
13717 1 year ago thomas Lux state road, NC
13716 1 year ago Lawrence Merlino SAUGERTIES, NY
13715 1 year ago Adam Belanger palmer, MA
13714 1 year ago 0rlin Braddy Jasper, AR
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