Disarm, Don't Destroy the Middle East!

The common cry of "destroy ISIS" is usually a demand for more of what led to ISIS in the first place: war. ISIS grew out of the U.S. war on Iraq, and is armed largely with U.S. weapons delivered to Iraq, Libya, and opposition groups in Syria.  

Between 2008 and 2011, 78.9% of weapons sales agreements to the Middle East were from the United States. And we know (because of a successful RootsAction.org petition) that between 2011 and 2014 that figure dropped only slightly to 58.6% -- still a majority of the sales.

Instead of trying to stamp out violence with more violence, let's cease providing the weaponry. Sign this petition to President Obama and the U.S. Congress:

End U.S. arms shipments to the Middle East. Arms only intensify the violence.

CRS: Conventional Arms Transfers to Developing Nations, 2004-2011
CRS: Conventional Arms Transfers to Developing Nations, 2007-2014

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10793 2.5 years ago Dean Windh Lakewood, WA , US
10792 2.5 years ago Jeff Bence Newtown, PA , US
10791 2.5 years ago Dean Windh Lakewood, WA , US
10790 2.5 years ago D Ashurst Corning, CA , US
10789 2.5 years ago Dorothy Dufour Van Buren, ME , US
10788 2.5 years ago Inga Jaeger Iowa City, IA , US
10787 2.5 years ago Barbara Ann Ogle Santa Cruz, CA , US Arming any country in the Middle East--including Israel--should stop.
10786 2.5 years ago wes Howard Hutchins, TX , US
10785 2.5 years ago Michael Powis Merrickville, CA , CA
10784 2.5 years ago Robert Obeid Bakersville, NC , US
10783 2.5 years ago Tiana Brachel Cartersville, GA , US
10782 2.5 years ago Sandra Morey Oakland, CA , US We are among the largest arms dealer nations so it is good for business for us to arm everyone in the world many times over. Our arms make their way into the militias and armies we are trying to de...
10781 2.5 years ago Bonnie Oliver Tucson, AZ , US
10780 2.5 years ago shawn thompson Santa Monica, CA , US
10779 2.5 years ago Charlene Boydston Pahrump, NV , US
10778 2.5 years ago Adaline Jyurovat Boulder, CO , US Our arms policies, our war policies, our so-called support for a democratic middle east are nothing more than fronts for profiteering corporations. Many of of those corporations earn most of their m...
10777 2.5 years ago Lori Walker Veneta, OR , US
10776 2.5 years ago Bonnie Oliver Tucson, AZ , US
10775 2.5 years ago Kristina Norman Yazoo city, MS , US
10774 2.5 years ago Alyssa Solazzo Freeport, NY , US
10773 2.5 years ago nancy hartman lafayette, CA , US
10772 2.5 years ago Margaret Keene Madras, OR , US
10771 2.5 years ago Margaret Keene Madras, OR , US
10770 2.5 years ago Samuel Morningstar Milwaukee, WI , US
10769 2.6 years ago Anonymous Asheville, NC , US
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