Be Like Maine: Dump Superdelegates

Maine's Democratic Party has asked its superdelegates to vote for a presidential nominee in proportion to the actual results of the state's caucuses.

This amounts to eliminating superdelegates by turning them into ordinary delegates pledged to follow the will of the voters.

Click below to add your name to the following petition going to every state Democratic Party:

Democratize your Democratic Party by asking superdelegates to vote in proportion to actual primary results in their state.

201-225 of 23313 signatures
Number Date Name Location Please add comments.
23113 2.4 years ago Mike Gomborone New York, NY
23112 2.4 years ago Richard Santos Sedona, AZ
23111 2.4 years ago Mike Mesford Seattle , WA
23110 2.4 years ago Julie McKim Brooklyn, NY
23109 2.4 years ago Michael Weaver Noblesville, IN
23108 2.4 years ago Margaret S. Maurin Bryn Mawr, PA
23107 2.4 years ago Lydia Earnhart Pensacola, FL
23106 2.4 years ago Erika Parsons Lynn, MA
23105 2.4 years ago Anonymous Wasilla, AK It is time for the PEOPLE to run this country, not lobbyists and corporations controlling super delegates.
23104 2.4 years ago Steven Young 11542, NY
23103 2.4 years ago Yolanda Negron Wesley Chapel, FL
23102 2.4 years ago Wayne Donnay Kettle Falls, WA Please help us bring democracy to the process, end the super delegate system which supercedes popular vote and actual will of the people. Thank You
23101 2.4 years ago Toddy Perryman Corvallis, MT
23100 2.4 years ago Warren Metzger Mukwonago, WI
23099 2.4 years ago Cory Walton Chandler, AZ
23098 2.4 years ago Gian Dodge Duluth, MN
23097 2.4 years ago Ellen Wasfi Dover, DE
23096 2.4 years ago Emilia Crowe Tucson, AZ
23095 2.4 years ago Carolyn Clark St. Louis, MO The use of super delegates in the electoral process is contrary to democratic (and Democratic) principles and is not representative of the voting public. Please end the "reign of terror" of...
23094 2.4 years ago john Ferlazzo Schenectady, NY One person one vote. If you don't want the Electoral College, why would you support Super delegates? Time to retire this undemocratic stain on the party!
23093 2.4 years ago Jeff Mikkelsen shingle springs , CA
23092 2.4 years ago Lucia You Durango, CO
23091 2.4 years ago Lara Backman Seattle, WA
23090 2.4 years ago Charlotte St. John New Smyrna beach, FL I am outraged that super delegates even EXIST!!!
23089 2.4 years ago Carol Murray Philasdelpha, PA
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