Tell the Norwegian Government to Let Edward Snowden Come to Norway

On November 18, Edward Snowden will be awarded Norwegian PEN's Ossietzky Prize for outstanding achievements as a whistleblower. We do not want Snowden's chair to be empty in the University Hall in Oslo due to lack of approval to travel to Oslo, as Ossietzky himself was prevented by Hitler from coming to Oslo to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 1936.

Co-inviters behind this petition include:
Noam Chomsky, Arundhati Roy, Daniel Ellsberg, Marit Arnstad, Jesselyn Radack, Arne Ruth, Ola Larsmo, Coleen Rowley, Thomas Drake, Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, Marjorie Cohn, William Binney, William Nygaard, John Kiriakou, Moddi, and Mari Boine.

Please sign this petition to the Government of Norway:

We urge the government of Norway to ensure that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden can safely enter Norway to receive The Ossietzky Prize, which will be formally bestowed upon Mr. Snowden by the freedom of expression group Norwegian PEN 18 November 2016. This will require that Norway commit to providing Mr. Snowden guaranteed protection from extradition to the United States.

176-200 of 25610 signatures
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25435 1 year ago Anonymous Nha Trang, VN Good luck to you snowden
25434 1 year ago Missi Dettinger Wohlen b. Bern, CH
25433 1 year ago Sanya Kundra IN
25432 1 year ago marta massetani macerata, IT
25431 1 year ago Anonymous NY , UM
25430 1 year ago DERP Knight Amritsar, ot , IN
25429 1 year ago Anonymous NJ , US
25428 1 year ago Anonymous Boston, MA , US
25427 1 year ago Anonymous OH , US
25426 1 year ago Tone Ravnaas SANDNES, NO Det er stor skam at at Edward Snowden behandles som en forbryter og statsfiende av USA når han avslører og varsler om USAs illegale masseovervåkinga av verdens borgere. Det storpolitiske hemmelighet...
25425 1 year ago Frode Kristiansen Honningsvåg, NO
25424 1 year ago Peter Slavik Komárno (Komárno), CA , SK
25423 1 year ago Anonymous Nøtterøy, NO
25422 1 year ago Abdul Wahab Majeed NO
25421 1 year ago Juni Maria Jebsen Lynngård NO
25420 1 year ago Anonymous NO
25419 1 year ago Anonymous Los Angeles, CA , US
25418 1 year ago Lisa Heaton Montreal, QC , CA
25417 1 year ago Kenny Solstrand NO Freedom of speech,the right to privacy,the right of the public to know what their elected officials are doing..all more important than ever in this perilous time where terrorism is used as a dog whi...
25416 1 year ago Anonymous NO In the interest of free speech,the unalienable right to privacy and other ideas of the enlightenment that underpins classical liberal western society.
25415 1 year ago Ida Frøvold NO
25414 1 year ago Birdna Kjetland Karmsund, NO Edward Snowden had the courage to speak out against illegal mass surveillance on us all by the US. He should be honoured for taking on this tremendous and trying task, first of all by restoring his Freedom of speech must apply to all, as should "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness".
Thank you Edward Snowden.
Birdna'); return false;">...
25413 1 year ago Marit Balstad NO
25412 1 year ago Alf Refsum Oslo , NO
25411 1 year ago BERNARD BOREL SAINT-GRATIEN, CA , GB Thanks a lot to Ed Snowden because I 've been hacked over 30 times because I use to treat high sensitive files for businesses 'relationships
with ASEAN 's managers and relating to sensistive se
Thanks to the Norwegian government to contribute to he Ed SNOWDEN \'s security because he did the best for us and sacrified his freedom for telling to the world that we are not "Dolls" of the New World Order"s members - I will pray for him and act for him - God bless you Ed and Lindsay- BERNARD'); return false;">...
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