Petition to Open Up the Presidential Debates

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We deserve 4-way debates. We will deliver this petition and your names and comments to ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox Broadcasting, PBS, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Univision, and Telemundo.

To Network TV Executives:
Tell the Commission on Presidential Debates and major-party campaigns that they no longer control the debate process and that you intend to present debates – controlled by journalists – that include four candidates: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson (Libertarian) and Jill Stein (Green Party). If Trump or Clinton balk, let them know you’re happy to leave their podium empty.

We urge you to follow a recommendation made by a citizens' task force connected to American University's law school: Include presidential candidates who are on enough state ballots to have a mathematical chance of winning, if they either register at 5 percent in national public opinion polls OR register a majority in national polls asking eligible voters which candidates they would like to see included in the debates.

226-250 of 19938 signatures
Number Date Name Location Please add comment.
19713 1 year ago Heather Bourgoin Watwrbury, CT
19712 1 year ago Brent Zimmerman Grand Haven, MI
19711 1 year ago Alex Lukas Los Angeles, CA
19710 1 year ago Nanci Armstrong Mount Carmel, PA
19709 1 year ago wandis wilcox aptos, CA As a US citizen (if that means anything anymore) and an independent voter, my rights are being violated when my candidate (in this case, Dr Jill Stein) is left out of the election pr...
19708 1 year ago Anonymous mecca, CA All parties should be heard in order for it to be a fair and impartial election. Need to open debates to all parties not just democrats and republicans. And all parties should be on all the states ...
19707 1 year ago Anonymous PA Allowing all parties on the appropriate number of ballots throughout the country to publicly debate is the RIGHT and DEMOCRATIC thing to do!! Stop the oppression and let the underdogs be heard!!!
19706 1 year ago Makenna Stocke Esko, MN As an undecided voter I want to more about all of my options, not just the parties most usually favored. Knowledge is power after all and this country was built for and by the people.
19705 1 year ago Denise McFann CO
19704 1 year ago Mark McFann Fort Collins , CO
19703 1 year ago MICHAEL LEAHAN Florence, MA There are 4 candidates on the ballot. They should all be included in the debates!
19702 1 year ago Anonymous Wausau, WI It's about time we got a better picture of our national candidates!
19701 1 year ago Anonymous Spokane Valley, WA
19700 1 year ago Nancy Wargo OR Don't shy away from rocking the boat. People need to see we have choices beyond the Democrats and Republicans
19699 1 year ago Anonymous Washington, NE Sick of establishment Dems & Repubs!
19698 1 year ago George Hung Sherman Oaks, CA We need this now more than ever. With 2/3 of Americans dissatisfied with Hillary and Trump, we need 4 parties to represent the views of more Americans on critical issues.
19697 1 year ago Liam Waters Sharon , MA
19696 1 year ago Bruce Radtke Bellingham, WA
19695 1 year ago Shirley Ferguson St.Louis, MO Iv'e had enough HILLARY/TRUMP. If my candidate Jill Stein is not included, I'm not watching.
19694 1 year ago Joel Antley Scottsdale, AZ I will not watch a debate between only Trump and Hillary.
19693 1 year ago Anonymous Eldersburg, MD This is the time to make a change in this country.
19692 1 year ago Anonymous CA
19691 1 year ago Anonymous New York, NY The way the two political parties have tied up this country and its citizens to a sham political process is nauseating. The political process itself is completely bankrupt and should be completely ...
19690 1 year ago Yashar Rafi Wynnewood, CA
19689 1 year ago Beatrice Yehudah stockbridge, GA
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