Tell Colin Kaepernick you support his brave stance for racial justice

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick did not stand for a playing of the national anthem. He explained: "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way."

Jon Schwarz, The Intercept: Colin Kaepernick Is Righter Than You Know: The National Anthem Is a Celebration of Slavery

As a result, Kaepernick has received an avalanche of criticism and racist abuse.

To express your support for this brave athlete, please add your name to this short statement which is backed by RootsAction and Color Of Change:

Colin Kaepernick: We support your right to protest in support of racial justice. Thank you.

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23050 1 month ago Alice Polk Bremerton, WA Thank you for being the catalyst for change in respect to racial inequality and injustice. Martin Luther King was the utmost proponent for nonviolent protest and you and other brave leaders have ca...
23049 1 month ago Richard A. Learnard Caribou, ME My Father fought in the Korean War, U.S. Army for your freedom, of speech and choice as well as mine, his Proud Son, so with my freedom of speech and choice I say why don't you pack your shit, denou...
23048 1 month ago Carolyn Cunningham New Market, AL Thank you for being a force for justice. So many people don't want to accept that racism is alive and well today, and we all must continually fight that sad truth.
23047 1 month ago Anonymous Adams, TN Stand at attention, Kneel in supplication, But DON'T sit on your butt. Get Out and Vote!
MANA...Make America NICE Again!
Pass it on please...
23046 1 month ago Austin Murphy Lake Orion, MI Colin should take this movement farther. Run for office on the Green Party ticket and make a real political stand against the oppression of the Republican and Democrat stooges of corporations. He's ...
23045 1 month ago Colleen Shaughnessy SAINT LOUIS, MO I'm not going to pretend to be a football fan... but I am a Colin Kaepernick fan. Thank you for your bravery and steadfastness.
23044 2 months ago A Nap Freehold, NJ I support Colin K. He is a man of principle and integrity which seems to be lacking in this chaotic Orwellian world we live in today. CK, you should be very proud of yourself. You stand with the be...
23043 2 months ago Robert Morris Oregon City, OR Let's not kid ourselves... the current BS about standing for the anthem has nothing to do with patriotism or military support, and has everything to do with racial inequity and bias. Go Colin!
23042 2 months ago Curtis Sherrod Port St. Lucie, FL
23041 2 months ago Letty Woods-Moore Killeen, TX Colin K, Thank you for your bravery and using your platform, taking a knee against racial injustice. My Brother Michael Woods, son, my nephew, MARIO WOODS, whom was shot 20+ times and killed by theLetty'); return false;">...
23040 2 months ago Anonymous Palm Desert, CA
23039 2 months ago Nadine Thomas Gloversville, NY I support you 100%. Please search The Hero in the Helmet, Colin Kaepernick. Winderful book about your fight for justice.
23038 2 months ago Seretta McKnight Roosevelt, NY Blessings!
23037 2 months ago Lesley Hayes Verona, NJ Thank you for your courage. As a white woman, I wholeheartedly support your right to protest racial injustice.
23036 2 months ago Jo Kantrud Vergas, MN .....and congratulations on the WEB du Bois Medal. Well deserved!
23035 2 months ago Anonymous San Antonio, TX As someone who understands that there needs to be a positive change in this country, and that there are many issues which need more addressing, I write to say I understand you and support you.
23034 2 months ago Linda Marilla Monroe, LA My grandson is 11 years old - his name is Jah'Keith Duncan a 6th Grader and he has chosen Colin for his school project...Title is called....Social Awareness Colin kaepernick. We live in Monroe ...
23033 2 months ago Anonymous SAINT PETERSBURG, FL You - young man have a lot of fans that care about you. I am a father of 3 boys, who became men. When you decide to stand for what is right, all of us meaning my boys and me, not only did we stand w...
23032 2 months ago Travis Orton Branson, MO I would like to help in anyway possible
23031 2 months ago Anonymous Waxhaw, NC Thank you for your bravery. While I am not a person of color, I have experienced discrimination as a woman. Please continue the fight for equality for all. Hopefully people will realize we are all...
23030 2 months ago Anonymous Philadelphia, PA
23029 3 months ago Anonymous Keshena, WI My son coaches HS volleyball at our local school. He has been kneeling during the national anthem and has been called into the athletic director's office because some parents and schools disagree wi...
23028 3 months ago Jessica Hoffman Irvington, AL ?
23027 3 months ago Janice Island Berkeley , CA I stand firm with Colin Kaepernick...
23026 3 months ago Dylan Vaughn Herndon, VA Hey I’m 16 years old, but when reading up on you I realized you are doing the right thing and you have my full support.
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