Tell Colin Kaepernick you support his brave stance for racial justice

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick did not stand for a playing of the national anthem. He explained: "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way."

Jon Schwarz, The Intercept: Colin Kaepernick Is Righter Than You Know: The National Anthem Is a Celebration of Slavery

As a result, Kaepernick has received an avalanche of criticism and racist abuse.

To express your support for this brave athlete, please add your name to this short statement which is backed by RootsAction and Color Of Change:

Colin Kaepernick: We support your right to protest in support of racial justice. Thank you.

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22640 1 month ago Patricia Harris Marietta, OH To paraphrase Mark Twain I support my country all the time and my government when it deserves it that is the definition of patriotism
22639 1 month ago Adriana Cedeno Ypsilanti, MI I support Colin Kaepernick's actions. Intentions are shown by actions, and actions do not lie. Kneeling in sports is an act of respect. A player kneels when another is injured - no matter the severi...
22638 1 month ago Anonymous ON Colin, I teach. I teach a class of twelve year olds. I have long felt the turmoil and disharmony that persists in the United States among different races. Even though this doesnt exist in any res...
22637 1 month ago Anonymous HILLSBOROUGH, CA Thank you for making a difference in this world. Never forget you are a positive influence on on people.
22636 2 months ago Tim Wescott Turlock, CA I'm from Colin's hometown, I support him all the way. If you think his protest is disrespectful, you are not paying attention to the state of our country. I'm a lifelong Raider fan. I would love to ...
22635 2 months ago Anonymous Arlington , TX
22634 2 months ago Conte Gould Cleveland, OH
22633 3 months ago Julian Garcia Tulare , CA ?????
22632 3 months ago Timothy Mallard Bethesda, MD Hey Colin,

You are right for doing what you did. We’re all behind you, aside you, in front of you. Whatever you need.

Remember what Ta-Nehisi said about President Bush and how the...
22631 3 months ago TINA CARR St Louis, MO Dear Colin Kaepernick,

The next time President Donald Trump criticize you for "Taking A Knee" He must first examine his own priorities.

President Donald Trump has put himself befor
Please let President Trump know, the reason you "Take A Knee" is "Peace For All Men". Trump may never "Take A Knee" he may not be able to, and yet he defy those that can. One thing he cannot defy is the "Word Of God".

1Timothy 2:1-3 New King James Version (NKJV) Bible

"Taking A Knee" Praying For All Men!

1) Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, 2) for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. 3) For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior,

The Flag can be lifted, but it cannot "Take A Knee" to honor "The Rights Of All Men!'); return false;">...
22630 4 months ago Alex Orput Los Angeles, CA
22629 4 months ago Tiffany Bearden Stone Mountain, GA I am from a military family and I think what you have started is awesome! I hope more people open their eyes.
Thank you.
22628 5 months ago Stephen Rader Falls Church, VA
22627 5 months ago Chris Mead Detroit, MI This 70-year-old white male stands -- or should I say kneels -- 100 percent with Colin Kaepernick. Keep fighting the good fight, Colin!
22626 5 months ago BenVanderwest V Muskegon, MI Yesterday today & tomorrow Yes. Yes & Yes!!!
22625 5 months ago Moses Boye Lanham, MD ATTN: Colin Kaepernick ,
my humans rights hero and worldwide humans rights hero
I thought it wise contacting you to head the team of other stars
(Kobe, LeBron, Durant, Wade, etc)...
22624 5 months ago Dana Jackson Stockton, CA I do support what you kneel for Kaepernick and will continue to support you but yep there's a butt I ordered a t-shirt off tea chips

they charged me$37 for this t-shirt I received it i...
22623 5 months ago Moses Boye Lanham, MD My hero, Kaepernick, your heroic protest on police barbaric fatal shootings of blacks,your action will ever be noted in this generation and future generations. Ron Conway and Margot Hirsch, in San ...
22622 5 months ago Moses Boye Lanham, MD I am requesting my hero, Kaepernick to contact Smart tech Challenges Foundation in San Francisco (search Google), Founder is Ron Conway and President is Margot Hirsch,
the foundation rai...
22621 5 months ago Raymond Hicks Sunrise, FL Still Standing


Hello Mr. Colin Kaepernick, good afternoon sir. I love you and thanks for standing up agains
   "The tape is a recording of a July 23, 1999 wiretapped conversation that took place between Bernard Smith, one of five co-defendants along with me, in the federal drug trafficking case, and then BSO deputy Bernard Brown, III, who is now a detective in the department". I was accused of providing confidential department information to my co-defendants. During the trial it was learned that it was actually Brown and not me that is heard during the wiretapped conversation. Please go to Google and type in ^Missing Documents Turn Up in Deputy Lawsuit" . 

   I have been reaching out via email, phone calls, certified mail to your office, the Governor\'s office,the Attorney General office, The Florida department of law enforcement, President Obama administration, The federal bureau of investigation, Steve Harvey, Dr. Phil, Oprah Winfrey, Bishop TD Jake, Bishop Eddie Long, and Mrs. Niki Woods from Tom Joyner, Ms Ellen for the past 15 years trying to get someone to look into my situation but to no avail. I HAVE LOST EVERYTHING!!! except my love for God. I am writing a brief description of what transpired in my case with my former department the Broward Sheriff\'s office. 

   I am a former highly decorated Broward sheriff deputy and I was wrongfully accused of crimes I didn\'t commit when I spoke out against my department who were manufacturing drugs and given to us to be sold in a drug sting which is considered to be entrapment.  Also my fellow colleagues who were planting drugs, taking money and beating young black offenders to the ground. I was arrested on trafficking 350 kilo grams of cocaine to various states by sheriff\'s deputies. States I never visit before they had no drugs no money nor any mention of drugs or money it was all fabricated to silence my request for justice. I was escorted to federal court the next morning from the city jail.

    The DA proffered to the court " when Raymond at work he\'s in the top 10 percent but when he\'s not at work he\'s in other States delivering drugs. I was denied bond and escorted by the Marshals to the federal detention center in Miami. Upon arriving at the detention center I was stripped search and later placed in solitary confinement for 5 months. A few days later I was placed in general population which is a death threats towards an officer. I had a huge fight with a inmate who saw my picture paraded over the News.

   The District Attorney said Raymond you are looking at natural life imprisonment, but if you are willing to testify against your co-defendants we will give you a downward departure.  She further stated "We are prepared to give you 16 1/2 months you have been here for 11 1/2 months. I told her no I rather take life imprisonment,  I\'m not going to admit to something I didn\'t do. I took my case to trial before a 12 panel jury which consists of 11 whites, one black and one black alternant because I was 110 % innocent. During the course of trial the judge and jury found out that I was working and not traveling to these states.

   Mr.  Roadruck from Roadruck investigation testified that he spoke with the Human Resources department and they confirmed that I was working.The chief Judge said to the DA " You mean to tell me that you don\'t have a ounce of drugs" I remember him calling the deputies, DA, and attorneys for a sidebar. I also heard him say "For impeachment purposes you better come back in here with the same information that caused this young man to be arrested". The District Attorney said I was giving confidential information to my co- defendants. A communication operator testified that I never ran FCIC, NCIC information.

    The DA also said I was on audio tape giving confidential Law Enforcement information. The jurors and Judge found out through testimony that it was not my voice on the tape but in fact the deputy who arrested me at my home in front of my family and friends. The jury deliberated and came back with a Not Guilty Verdict within 30 minutes. I was arrested two more times by my former department at gun point as they eaglly waited for the right opportunity to take my life. On January 2004, The Broward sheriff deputies stormed my home a second time at gunpoint and said I was shooting at someone in my backyard.

   My wife and I were in court at the time of the alleged shooting. I took this case before the court and within 10 minutes I was acquitted by the judge. I continued to pray and have faith the God would intervened in my situation.  In March of 2004, I won the highest award in the community the African American Achievers Award for helping twenty five underprivileged kids obtain their GED and also my mother at the age of fifty five who had to harvest in the fields of Georgia.

    The harassment continue I was arrested a third time at gunpoint for child abuse. The prosecutor conducted a through investigation and threw the case out for NO. PROS.  Please go to Google and type in Ex deputy fight for reinstatement. I wrote a book titled I\'m Still Standing that came out on June 26, 2015 and being sold on Amazon. This book has generated a 5stars rating at 100%. Amazon sent me a email confirmation a few years ago stating that the book will placed in Barnes and Noble, Several Libraries, and Kindle fire and Walmart online.

   On September 10th 2015. My book earned the right of Best book of the Month and Years thus far 2015, 2016, and 2017. In closing, I was recently asked to appear on the Dr Phil show by his senior Researcher Gigi Chavarria but the Broward Sheriff\'s administration has declined to comment. Fire creek Entertainment and Lunerversal Production posted on IMBD my upcoming movie Behind the Badge. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. God bless

Respectfully Submitted 

Raymond L Hicks 

954 347-3361

Email address is'); return false;">...
22620 5 months ago Moses Boye Lanham, MD You are good example to this generation and future generations
Good too to support the humans finding solutions to guns atrocities thru smart tech
Ron Conway founder and Margot Hirsch, presi...
22619 5 months ago Annica Wayman Potomac, MD
22618 5 months ago Moses Boye Lanham, MD Kaepernick, you are just great
Kindly contact Smart Tech Challenges Foundation in San Francisco, President if Margot Hirsch, an organization raising fund for gun atrocities solutions thru Recogn...
22617 5 months ago Moses Boye Lanham, MD Kaepernick, you are great
I will appreciate your support for Smart Tech Challenges Foundation, Ron Conway founder and Margot Hirsch President thru donotaion for Smart tech for sponsorship of Rec...
22616 5 months ago Katherine Dwire Bloomington, IN Thank you for having the courage not to stand. It is a tragedy that people are so ignorant of the reasons behind your actions and I hope that one day all NFL fans and citizens of the USA will have a...
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