Tell Colin Kaepernick you support his brave stance for racial justice

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick did not stand for a playing of the national anthem. He explained: "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way."

Jon Schwarz, The Intercept: Colin Kaepernick Is Righter Than You Know: The National Anthem Is a Celebration of Slavery

As a result, Kaepernick has received an avalanche of criticism and racist abuse.

To express your support for this brave athlete, please add your name to this short statement which is backed by RootsAction and Color Of Change:

Colin Kaepernick: We support your right to protest in support of racial justice. Thank you.

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22965 1 week ago Claudia Rico Pacific Grove, CA Hi Colin: Our family is very supportive of you and the work you are doing on behalf of equality and diversity and justice for minority peoples, particularly when these people must deal with police ...
22964 1 week ago Steve Smith San Antonio, TX
22963 1 week ago Patrick Crane Snohomish, WA Colin, thanks for your sacrifice and for taking on the injustices of this country on your shoulders. I wish someone like you, would’ve done the same when the Nazis slaughtered my relatives. We need ...
22962 1 week ago lesley linton San Pablo, CA damn what a ridiculous fuss this has been.. brought on by a draft dodging president.
22961 1 week ago Courtney Henry Stone mountain, GA
22960 1 week ago Julie Mallory Glassboro, NJ Thank you for doing what our leaders won’t do: kneeling respectfully to draw attention to the injustice of police targeting persons of color for murder while professing to honor the values represent...
22959 1 week ago Stacey Rodgers San Clemente , CA You are amazing!! I love and support your message to our country!! I’m trying to raise my two boys who are of Irish heritage to understand how their experience in America is very different from brow...
22958 1 week ago al terrell douglasville, GA I come from a military family and I, personally, support our military 100%; however, I also support 100%, any kind of injustice, including racial injustice, in America, and anywhere.
22957 1 week ago Caleb Purdue Tullahoma, TN
22956 1 week ago James Ragland Columbia , MO I, first of all, think our country is in shambles. Continue your work against racism. I am a US ARMY veteran and I believe in “ liberty and justice for all”!
22955 1 week ago Anonymous Tully, NY Wonderful ad. I support your cause.
22954 1 week ago Vickie White Costello Portland, OR "Taking a knee" does not disrespect the flag or military. Kaepernick is calling attention to the terrible truth that young African-Americans are in jeopardy of being assaulted by police and private ...
22953 1 week ago James Ragland Columbia , MO I, first of all, think this country is in shambles! Stay strong in your commitment against racism. I am a US ARMY veteran, “liberty for all”!
22952 1 week ago Anonymous Spencer , NC GOOD THINGS ARE COMING YOUR WAY !
22951 1 week ago Anonymous Hazlet, NJ I admire your strength and honor your courage. Please continue you are a role model to many.
22950 1 week ago Anonymous Granville, IL You Cop Hater pos Fuckn Nig
22949 1 week ago Anonymous Cheboygan, MI Thank you for being strong enough to take necessary and proper action. If more people would follow your lead we might make headway toward any oppression in our country.
22948 1 week ago kapil Gulwani ot
22947 1 week ago Eleanor Hanley Friendswood, TX Proud of you. This hatred and bigotry must stop. Stay strong. You are speaking truth for many people.
22946 1 week ago Candace Wood Bonsall, CA Humanity should be our race. This is your calling, Colin.
Keep moving forward.
22945 1 week ago James Summers Lemoore, CA Kaep... you were my man... w you and Harbaugh you guys brought us back. Broke my heart when it fell apart.... no blame..
....but what made my heart whole again (after losing my dad to cancer...
22944 1 week ago Anthony Walton Honesdale , PA Thank you BROTHER... You are what we and the WORLD need.... just like you I fight for respect..and I hope the young brothers and sisters are listening to YOU!... STAY BLESSED... And STRONG... Please...
22943 1 week ago Terrence Hawkins Oxnard, CA I support you brotha and I appreciate you using your platform and stage to bring awareness to people that aren't on tv to voice themselves!! Thank you! I would love to get involved!
22942 1 week ago Rebecca McCain Albuquerque, NM
22941 1 week ago Mollie Verstl Tracy, CA YOU ARE A TRUE PATRIOT. THANK YOU
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