Tell Congress to Say No to Nuclear Madness

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We urge the following steps to reduce the risk of nuclear war:
--Publicly denounce Donald Trump's support for more nuclear weapons.
--De-fund the existing program developing new nuclear weapons.
--Begin dismantling existing weapons as required by the Nonproliferation Treaty.
--Take all nuclear weapons off high-alert and separate the warheads from their delivery systems.
--Reinstate the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.
--Remove U.S. missiles from Poland, Romania, and Turkey.
--Remove U.S. nuclear weapons from Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy.
--Shut down land-based inter-continental ballistic missiles immediately.
--Cosponsor the Nuclear Weapons Abolition and Economic and Energy Conversion Act.
--Support the treaty being proposed by 127 non-nuclear nations to ban all nuclear bombs.

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13612 10 months ago Beth Brunton Seattle, WA
13611 10 months ago Michael Eisenberg Raleigh, NC
13610 10 months ago Rich Goldberg Penngrove, CA
13609 10 months ago Paul Marioni Seattle, WA ACT NOW!
13608 10 months ago Joyce Hall Dallas, TX We must make the move away from nuclear weapons. Please help to avert a catastrophe.
13607 10 months ago BJ Arias Henderson, NV ..we need an end to nuclear weapons.. NOW !!!!!
...all should be dismantled..
13606 10 months ago C.A. Bowman Juneau, AK
13605 10 months ago Marilyn Booton Saint Paul, MN
13604 10 months ago Nancy MacDermott Independence, OH
13603 10 months ago elizabeth shepherd New York, NY I want LESS nuclear weapons not more
I want NO nuclear weapons anywhere eventually
I am deplored by Trump's cavalier attitude toward nuclear weapons
I am horrified at his little fingers ...
13602 10 months ago Deborah Lubar Lincoln, VT
13601 10 months ago Beverly and Guy Schuler Adams, KY Have you no sense at all? What are you doing there in D.C.?
13600 10 months ago Anne Yount Mendocino, CA
13599 10 months ago Howard Wilshire Sebastopol, CA Trump is putting us at ever greater risk--no more nukes. In fact let's get rid of what we have
13598 10 months ago Todd Hammond Winter Haven, FL
13597 10 months ago Hank Keeton Scotts Mills, OR We are destroying our planet by destroying our is sheer MADNESS to threaten to destroy what's left with nuclear holocaust!!!
13596 10 months ago John McKean Woodland, CA Nuclear Deterant is a false concept.
13595 10 months ago Rixanne Wehren albion, CA No Nukes! fighting against nuclear weapons for 35 years now.
13594 10 months ago Betty Lou Whaley CA Fukushima illustrates the future for nuclear power. It is madness to continue down this road toward the destruction of our planet. Even Trump and his greedy, devious and demented friends cano not pr...
13593 10 months ago Karen Ball San Antonio, TX The United States has already unleashed the greatest evil on the world, when we launched 2 nuclear bombs. Violence of this degree only displays our weakness. WE must begin exercising a politics of...
13592 10 months ago PEGGY Baughns Decatur, GA
13591 10 months ago jk bennett Monte visra, CO
13590 10 months ago Robert and Helen Buttel Philadelphia, PA
13589 10 months ago Dr. Susan Zipp Novato, CA
13588 10 months ago Roger Burkhart Rochester, NH
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