Tell Congress to Say No to Nuclear Madness

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We urge the following steps to reduce the risk of nuclear war:
--Publicly denounce Donald Trump's support for more nuclear weapons.
--De-fund the existing program developing new nuclear weapons.
--Begin dismantling existing weapons as required by the Nonproliferation Treaty.
--Take all nuclear weapons off high-alert and separate the warheads from their delivery systems.
--Reinstate the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.
--Remove U.S. missiles from Poland, Romania, and Turkey.
--Remove U.S. nuclear weapons from Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy.
--Shut down land-based inter-continental ballistic missiles immediately.
--Cosponsor the Nuclear Weapons Abolition and Economic and Energy Conversion Act.
--Support the treaty being proposed by 127 non-nuclear nations to ban all nuclear bombs.

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Number Date Name Location Please add comment.
13590 1 year ago Helen and Mr. Robert Buttel Philadelphia, PA
13589 1 year ago Sue Zipp Novato, CA
13588 1 year ago Roger Burkhart Rochester, NH
13587 1 year ago Vernon Batty Pagosa Springs, CO
13586 1 year ago Judith Schumacher-Jennings Walnut Creek, CA
13585 1 year ago Christine Berchen Albion, CA
13584 1 year ago Jan Brown Ft. Myers, FL We need to move away from all things nuclear as fast as we can. There is NO LIFE after a nuclear incident.
13583 1 year ago Cecile Cutler Ft. Bragg, CA Oh my! Time of reckoning is here. France had an explosion at a Nuclear Plant,today.
13582 1 year ago Judiana Lawrence ROCHESTER, NY
13581 1 year ago Thomas van de Steeg Saint Petersburg, FL
13580 1 year ago isabelle hayes Woodbourne, NY do this for all of us here on earth
13579 1 year ago KRISTEN FROST Mendocino, CA
13578 1 year ago Marjorie Walker Seattle, WA Nuclear war would devastate so much of life as we know it. Prevention is of the utmost importance.
13577 1 year ago Jane Washington Willow Grove, PA
13576 1 year ago Judith Vidaver Fort Bragg, CA
13575 1 year ago Kathryn Christian Grand Junction, CO
13574 1 year ago Jennifer Kirkpatrick Terrebonne, OR If we do not put an end to nuclear proliferation NOW... then WHEN?
13573 1 year ago Evelyn Haas Phila., PA
13572 1 year ago Cody Dolnick Joshua Tree, CA
13571 1 year ago william brackett Hunting Beach, CA please vote "no" for nuclear weapons and "no" for nuclear power plants.
13570 1 year ago Nancy L Cowger Wheeling, IL
13569 1 year ago Ed Oberweiser Fort Bragg, CA Life on Earth cannot afford nuclear weapons and the possibility of nuclear war. The United States' infrastructure has fallen apart due the huge military budget that will be horriblly increased by up...
13568 1 year ago Anne Curran Sarasota, FL We need to END nuclear proliferation. NO NEW NUKES whether large or small.
13567 1 year ago Karen Rakofsky Albion, CA
13566 1 year ago Mary E. Ford Ocean Pines, MD Nuclear weapons are responsible for hundreds of thousands more deaths than terrorist attacks. The more nuclear weapons there are the more the likelihood that terrorists may obtain one.
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