Tell Congress to Say No to Nuclear Madness

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We urge the following steps to reduce the risk of nuclear war:
--Publicly denounce Donald Trump's support for more nuclear weapons.
--De-fund the existing program developing new nuclear weapons.
--Begin dismantling existing weapons as required by the Nonproliferation Treaty.
--Take all nuclear weapons off high-alert and separate the warheads from their delivery systems.
--Reinstate the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.
--Remove U.S. missiles from Poland, Romania, and Turkey.
--Remove U.S. nuclear weapons from Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy.
--Shut down land-based inter-continental ballistic missiles immediately.
--Cosponsor the Nuclear Weapons Abolition and Economic and Energy Conversion Act.
--Support the treaty being proposed by 127 non-nuclear nations to ban all nuclear bombs.

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13562 10 months ago Richard Stafford Manassas, VA
13561 10 months ago Alexandra D. Pappano Mattawamkeag, ME
13560 10 months ago Mitchell Grooms New York, NY Every Soul Wins! One goal we all share is to live peacefully on Earth respectfully honoring, sustaining and nurturing our planet.
13559 10 months ago Barbara Silverstein Mansfield, PA
13558 10 months ago Mary Perra Oneida, NY
13557 10 months ago Dorothy Ross New York , NY The world does not need nuclear warheads.
13556 10 months ago Aeyrie Silver Eagle Yorba Linda, CA No Nukes of any kind anywhere. ASAP. Make it happen.
13555 10 months ago Anonymous Albion, CA
13554 10 months ago Harriet Belkin Los Angeles, CA
13553 10 months ago Allen Pluth Spring Valley, CA
13552 10 months ago Katherine Waid Mendocino, CA Nuclear weapons always have been & always will be a from of suicide....planetary suicide! This is a small...small planet!! And this is a simple....simple truth.
13551 10 months ago Carrie Thomas Tigard, OR
13550 10 months ago Anonymous Clinton, WA We have more than enough nuclear weapons. Instead of war we should help nations and people. The more you destroy people's lives with war the more they will resist. We need more understanding, diplom...
13549 10 months ago Jean Lindgren San Francisco , CA Donnie is NOT mentally stable. He MUST NOT be trusted with the nuclear codes. Decommission all of the weapons in the U.S. Nuclear arsenal!
13548 10 months ago Bill Cornelius Albion, CA stop that man now & push him out.
13547 10 months ago Elaine Hillesland Mendocino, CA Please take these steps to ensure that our children grow up in a world where the threat of nuclear destruction is no longer a reality.
13546 10 months ago Gloria Faltstrom Kaneohe, HI
13545 10 months ago Carrie Durkee Mendocino, CA
13544 10 months ago tal Luther San Rafael, CA
13543 10 months ago Greg Schwartz San Rafael, CA
13542 10 months ago Bruce Donnell Santa Fe, NM
13541 10 months ago Jeffrey Dyer Lopez Island, WA
13540 10 months ago Douglas Kinney Otego, NY
13539 10 months ago John Hill Vancouver , BC
13538 10 months ago Jean Teach Vancouver, WA
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