Tell Congress to Say No to Nuclear Madness

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We urge the following steps to reduce the risk of nuclear war:
--Publicly denounce Donald Trump's support for more nuclear weapons.
--De-fund the existing program developing new nuclear weapons.
--Begin dismantling existing weapons as required by the Nonproliferation Treaty.
--Take all nuclear weapons off high-alert and separate the warheads from their delivery systems.
--Reinstate the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.
--Remove U.S. missiles from Poland, Romania, and Turkey.
--Remove U.S. nuclear weapons from Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy.
--Shut down land-based inter-continental ballistic missiles immediately.
--Cosponsor the Nuclear Weapons Abolition and Economic and Energy Conversion Act.
--Support the treaty being proposed by 127 non-nuclear nations to ban all nuclear bombs.

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13537 10 months ago Donly Chorn Lake Villa, IL If we don't get rid of nuclear weapons, nothing else may matter. We have come very close to accidentally starting a world war. Do we really think that egotistical politicians will use restraint in...
13536 10 months ago Armin Wright Oakland, CA Nuclear weapons, especially the Trident submarine fleet, are the totally insane apotheosis of militarism gone amok. Only the insane, such as our current president, can regard the stockpiling of nuc...
13535 10 months ago Sharon Rosner BeverlyHills, CA
13534 10 months ago Elaine Lee Elk Grove, CA At the present time, our nuclear weapons situation is more serious than it has been for many years. Too many people are quite willing to go to war, and nuclear weapons use has been mentioned in thre...
13533 10 months ago Carol Ransom Van Etten, NY I am appalled at the "package of changes" that accompanied Trump's promise of jobs for regular people. This reminds me of Newt Gingrich's "Contract With America" which no one knew about until after...
13532 10 months ago NELL COX Frankfort, KY We have beautiful thing going on planet earth. Be on the right side of history and stop everything having to do with nuclear arms and nuclear power. Otherwise there will be no history.
13531 10 months ago Susan Osada Buffalo Grove, IL
13530 10 months ago Sharon L. Naismith Crossville, TN
13529 10 months ago Paul Baker Eagle Point, OR
13528 10 months ago Bernard Meyer Olympia, WA We must abolish nuclear weapons and nuclear power.
13527 10 months ago Lt Col (Ret) David Gapp San Diego, CA
13526 10 months ago Shelley Ottenbrite Richmond, VA
13525 10 months ago James Mulder Wappingers Falls, NY
13524 10 months ago Richard Martin Corvallis, OR
13523 10 months ago Charles Hail Helena, MT Clearly, we need fewer nuclear weapons not more. This is common sense!
13522 10 months ago William Mclaughlin Philadelphia, PA
13521 10 months ago Diane Puntenney Alameda, CA
13520 10 months ago Mercedita del Valle Port Townsend, WA
13519 10 months ago Laurence Key Stuart, FL Greed and stupidity will end it all.
13518 10 months ago Deborah Andrew Shelburne, MA To carry out the requests in this appeal to defund any increase in the U.S.'s already astonishing stockpile of nuclear weapons would be the greatest gift this administration could give to the people...
13517 10 months ago Robert and Joan Holt Truro, MA
13516 10 months ago Nancy Boyce San Rafael, CA
13515 10 months ago Ellen Gchesa Napa, CA This is not a drill. The planet will not survive full out nuclear war. HISTORY WILL REMEMBER.
13514 10 months ago Sondra Catarraso Elmhurst, NY
13513 10 months ago Madelyn Hoffman Flanders, NJ
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