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We urge the following steps to reduce the risk of nuclear war:
--Publicly denounce Donald Trump's support for more nuclear weapons.
--De-fund the existing program developing new nuclear weapons.
--Begin dismantling existing weapons as required by the Nonproliferation Treaty.
--Take all nuclear weapons off high-alert and separate the warheads from their delivery systems.
--Reinstate the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.
--Remove U.S. missiles from Poland, Romania, and Turkey.
--Remove U.S. nuclear weapons from Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy.
--Shut down land-based inter-continental ballistic missiles immediately.
--Cosponsor the Nuclear Weapons Abolition and Economic and Energy Conversion Act.
--Support the treaty being proposed by 127 non-nuclear nations to ban all nuclear bombs.

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13512 10 months ago Gisela Ray Gresham, OR How many times over do we need to be able to destroy our planet. It is madness to add to our formidable arsenal. Let's instead show our sanity and work for the reduction of nuclear weapons.
13511 10 months ago Barry Ladendorf San Diego, CA
13510 10 months ago Dorlan Bales Wichita, KS The United States does not need more nuclear weapons. Please work with world leaders to ban them.
13509 10 months ago Bobbie Flowers New York, NY
13508 10 months ago Valerie Bryant NJ
13507 10 months ago Anne Pobicki NJ In the words of Hans Bethe, "If we fight a war and win it with H-bombs, what history will remember is not the ideals we were fighting for, but the methods we used to accomplish them. These methods w...
13506 10 months ago Carol Wyndham Peterborough, NH
13505 10 months ago Nancy Bengtson Sedona, AZ
13504 10 months ago Tom Watson Rio Vista, CA Just say NO!
13503 10 months ago Henry McGuire Seattle, WA
13502 10 months ago John Wilks, III Winston, NM Accidents happen; with nucks they are fatal to the globe.
13501 10 months ago Jep Barendse East dorset, VT
13500 10 months ago Jeff Hoey Clifton, NJ
13499 10 months ago Glenn Gang Hansville, WA Although Republicans in congress would like to pretend otherwise, all of his behavior in recent days suggests that our new president is dangerously unbalanced and uninformed, and cannot be trusted t...
13498 10 months ago Kevin Mazzocco Auberry, CA Nuclear power is too toxic and too expensive for the world. Do the math, it's just not worth the risk to boil stupid water with nukes!
13497 10 months ago Joan Emerson Mill Valley, CA
13496 10 months ago Julie Glover Clinton, WA Nuclear weapons are not toys! We'll be really sorry if we don't take steps to prevent their use!
13495 10 months ago Jim and Barbara Dale Decorah, IA We are sincerely and deeply worried about President Trump's statements of intention and unpredictable behavior. In this context reducing any threat represented by nuclear weapons is mandatory.
13494 10 months ago Donald Leich Montclair, NJ There is no longer any legitimate reason for any country to have nuclear weapons anymore. Possibly the one thing that Henry Kissinger & I agree on.
13493 10 months ago Susan Sheinfeld Bridgewater, MA
13492 10 months ago Glenn Frantz Paoli, PA
13491 10 months ago Robert Gardiner Sterling, VA
13490 10 months ago Anita Hunt Honey Grove, BC As a PhD chemist, I can tell you there is no safe level of radiation. There are no nuclear bombs in existence that limit death and destruction to terrorists alone. Killing civilians is immoral and s...
13489 10 months ago Margaret Budd San Diego , CA
13488 10 months ago George Bason Chevy Chase, MD
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