Tell NPR to Call a Lie a Lie

National Public Radio has announced that it will never refer to a lie by a U.S. president as a lie.

Sign this petition to NPR News:

Straightforward honesty is called for at this time. It's time to call a lie a lie. Change your policy.

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45730 9 months ago jerry persky Santa Monica, CA why be so passive? under Trump you will probably lose your federal funding anyway. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck it is a duck. A lie is a lie.
45729 9 months ago EVELYN WILLIAMS SYRACUSE, NY We should all be held accountable for our actions and their consequences.
45728 9 months ago Lynn Lawrence South Lake Tahoe, CA Really? Letting LIES infect the American People. Fake, False or Lies do not belong in American News. Its TOTALLY UN-AMERICAN. Not what our country was built or based on.
45727 9 months ago Janice Toland Glendale, AZ
45726 9 months ago Anonymous Costa Mesa, CA
45725 9 months ago Nancy Hubbs-Chang Pasadena, CA I understand that you might be scared of losing all your Federal funding (can't say I blame you there), but you are one of the few media sources left that we can trust! Don't give in!
45724 9 months ago Lynn Cralle Louisville, KY
45723 9 months ago John Rohrer New Cumberland , PA
45722 9 months ago Matthew Ostrander Livonia, MI This ludicrous policy promotes "fake" news. NPR should become a forum for journalists not opinion figureheads. We are SICK of this crap!
45721 9 months ago C. Yee Sacramento, CA
45720 9 months ago Jonathan Pamplin Apopka, FL
45719 9 months ago John Lasell Orange, NJ
45718 9 months ago Anonymous Union City, CA
45717 9 months ago Camille Canlas-LaFlam Union City, CA
45716 9 months ago Lauri Moon Williamsport, PA
45715 9 months ago Mark Eichelman Portland , OR
45714 9 months ago Wendi Myers Palm Harbor, FL
45713 9 months ago Constance Foote St. Francis, WI What does it take for us to understand how serious it is that Trump and Bannon are in power? 26,000 mental health professionals have signed a petition that Trump is mentally ill and not fit to serv...
45712 9 months ago Courtney King San Francisco, CA
45711 9 months ago Anonymous S h, FL
45710 9 months ago Rashad Smith Brooklyn, NY
45709 9 months ago Mercedes Minoux Makawao, HI
45708 9 months ago Rut T Indianapolis, IN
45707 9 months ago Edwina Nuccio Yonkers, NY
45706 9 months ago Sue Nuccio Syracuse, NY
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> Adam Johnson, FAIR: NPR's No-"Lie" Policy and the Limits of Impartiality in the Trump Era
> CEPR: When It Comes to Saying Donald Trump Lied, NPR Says It Can't Get Into a Politician's Head, Unlike the Other Times When It Apparently Can